Enable instantly real-time monitoring of your infastructure. Get full visibility and unleash the potential of your IT environment. Explore our resources library withe White Papers, videos and webinar recordings to discover how VirtualMetric fits to your use case.

Company and Product Overview

Monitoring and Reporting Suite

VirtualMetric - Product and Company

Learn more for VirtualMetric and the all-in-one monitoring suite we have developed to facilitate the work of engineers and provide them with a full observability over their IT environment.

VirtualMetric Enhanced Dashboard

VirtualMetric presents the latest features to facilitate your infrastructure management and overcome the toughest IT challenges in keeping your infrastructure healthy.

End-to-end Network Monitoring

How to set up an end-to-end network monitoring  and which are the critical network KPIs to monitor.
Event correlation and ssential issues on which to set up alarms on.

Case Studies

Redefining Efficiency - Turkcell’s log monitoring transformation journey

Meet Mehmet Susuz. He is the IT Associate Director at Turkcell, a leading telecommunications company in Turkey. Mehmet and his team battled with a dozen of expensive and nonperforming log monitoring tools. That was until they discovered VirtualMetric. With our comprehensive log monitoring tool, Turkcell unified disparate log monitoring systems into one powerful solution. They not only tamed the data but transformed it into a symphony of efficiency. With VirtualMetric by their side, Turkcell is writing a legacy. What’s your legacy going to be?

IT Sparkle Case Study

Easy and Smart Real Time VMware Monitoring for the constantly growing infrastructure of TI Sparkle

VirtualMetric helps the telecommunications leader TI Sparkle Turkey to monitor every process and every single change in their cloud environment thanks to its realtime VMware monitoring solution!
With VirtualMetric’s monitoring tool, they don’t need to spend any time to configure agent or SNMP config in the VMs anymore!
Read more about how we ensure the health and uptime of the cloud infrastructure and services provided by the leading service provider TI Sparkle Turkey in our newest Case Study!

White Papers and Use Cases

Hosting Companies Case Study

Monitoring for Hosting Companies

Hosting companies need a trusted partner to help them guarantee the quality of the service. Discover how a monitoring solution can help.

FinTech Case Study

Monitoring for FinTech

In an industry with an intense data flow, such as the finance sector, it is becoming more important to be able to monitor metrics correctly than in many other industries.

Data Centers Case Study

Monitoring for Data Centers

If you are a DC, colocation provider or a company operating multiple remote DC locations, this paper will show you all the advantages of running real-time monitoring.

Managed Service Providers

Monitoring for MSPs

If you are a DC, colocation provider or a company operating multiple remote DC locations, this paper will show you all the advantages of running real-time monitoring.


Ultimate Checklist

VirtualMetric VMware Metrics Checklist

Have you ever wonder which are the key VMware metrics you should monitor? Download the ultimate checklist now!

Log Management Solution

VirtualMetric Log Monitoring Checklist

Analyzing logs is a time-consuming effort. For successful Log Monitoring we crafted a checklist with 10 reports you must check.


Maximize Efficiency with Azure Stack HCI | Advanced Resource Optimization

How to survive in the ever-changing IT World | Guest Speaker: Didier Van Hoye

Enhanced Security & Lifecycle Management Features in VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 2​

Tips and Tricks When Using an All-in-One Monitoring Solution

VirtualMetric Webinar: Cloud Native Applications on VMware & Kubernetes

How to Extend your Monitoring with Automation and Scripting

Effortless Monitoring

to Ensure the Reliability of Key Infrastructure Aspects

Get access to critical information which is valuable for the IT department and other stakeholders. Use VirtualMetric’s smart reporting and alerting to take full control over your infrastructure.
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