Security and Auditing

A powerful solution to improve the security of your environment. Get full visibility over your ecosystem and easily track modifications to your files, monitor users, analyze efficiency, and implement the latest compliance requirements.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Infrastructure​

Log monitoring

Log Monitoring

Get full-stack observability by tracking and analyzing logs, metrics, and real-time data.
User Tracking

User Tracking

Manage, track and analyze your resources and staff remotely with one powerful tool.
File Monitoring

File Monitoring

A complete solution for tracking and monitoring every change to your files, folders, access, and actions.


Simplify IT compliance management with an all-in-one compliance monitoring software for auditing and automation.

Protect Your Infrastructure With Our Powerful Security and Auditing Software

Тhe full range of monitoring, security and performance analysis solutions to ensure your infrastructure health, improve performance and meet compliance requirements.

VirtualMetric is an advanced monitoring tool crafted with care to facilitate your work. It combines detailed reports, proactive alerting, a customizable dashboard and more than 800 performance counters tracked. Make advanced data correlation analysis, optimize your infrastructure and prevent issues by using VirtualMetric’s IT management and monitoring solutions.

Protect Your Environment At All Times

Monitor and Detect Server Files Modifications

VirtualMetric allows you to monitor all changes made to your server files and folders, including permission changes, file creation, move and modify events, and more. You have actionable data at your disposal to quickly identify all anomalous file events. You can apply different filters to track changes of the biggest importance, and always be up to speed.

Full Visibility Even When Remote

Track Users Behaviour and Efficiency

VirtualMetric’s Users Tracking tool enables you to track all the activity within your IT environment or users’ machines. With a large set of pre-built reports, VirtualMetric gives you information for user activity and in-depth visibility over all their actions and behavior, such as Active Users, Hours Worked, Idle Hours, Active Hours, etc.

Save Time by Relying On

Professional and Automated Security Audits

Following all the best security practices is not only hard but extremely time-consuming also. You have to have a dedicated team to stay on top of the latest security standards to ensure that your infrastructure is safe. VirtualMetric provides you with powerful security software that allows you to automate the entire process of security auditing, so you can always be protected.

Always Be Up-To-Date And

Implement the Latest Compliance Requirements

VirtualMetric’s Compliance Service will help you to understand and implement the latest compliance requirements in your business. We work with different compliant providers to cover all your needs. PCI DSS, HIPPA, and DISA STIG are here to give you their best practices and help you to automate your security standards.

Prevent Issues In Advance with

Real-time Security Analysis and Reports

With a wide range of predefined reports and a fully customizable dashboard, VirtualMetric is one of the easiest monitoring solutions on the market. We take care to deliver a smart solution, which is implemented instantly without an agent. You will be able to improve availability, performance, manageability, and security by working with real-time data.

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