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All-in-One Monitoring and Tracking Software

Modern IT infrastructure is a complex combination of physical devices, virtualization, storage and networking. Large enterprises need to manage thousands of servers, hundreds of networks, storages, virtual machines, and more. If IT systems fail, organizations spend huge costs and working hours to recover. Fight the infrastructure interruptions and downtime with smart infrastructure monitoring software! Increase your reliability and ensure the performance of mission-critical applications hosted on your infrastructure with VirtualMetric.
Server monitoring

Server Monitoring

Real-time agentless server monitoring software for full visibility over your physical and virtual servers.

Network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Powerful network monitoring tool for your on-prem, hybrid, and cloud services.

Virtualization monitoring

Virtualization Monitoring

Enhanced virtualization monitoring solution to track logs, changes, and performance within your virtualized environment.
Storage Monitoring

Storage Monitoring

In-depth analysis of Windows Server Storage Spaces. Monitor your storage pools’ performance efficiently.

Firewall Monitoring

Firewall Monitoring

Be constantly updated about the status of your firewall.

IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring

Monitoring solution to collect and analyze diverse IoT data.

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