Infrastructure Monitoring

Agentless infrastructure monitoring solution for full visibility across your IT environment. Real-time data collection, advanced alerts, and enhanced dashboards, which help you to eliminate the complexity of modern infrastructure.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Infrastructure

Server monitoring

Server Monitoring

Real-time agentless server monitoring software for full visibility over your physical and virtual servers.

Network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Powerful network monitoring tool for your on-prem, hybrid, and cloud services.

Virtualization monitoring

Virtualization Monitoring

Enhanced virtualization monitoring solution to track logs, changes, and performance within your virtualized environment.
Storage Monitoring

Storage Monitoring

In-depth analysis of Windows Server Storage Spaces. Monitor your storage pools’ performance efficiently.

Firewall Monitoring

Firewall Monitoring

Be constantly updated about the status of your firewall.

IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring

Monitoring solution to collect and analyze diverse IoT data.

Powerful Infrastructure Monitoring and Tracking Software

Тhe full range of monitoring, security and performance analysis solutions to ensure your infrastructure health, improve performance and meet compliance requirements. VirtualMetric is an advanced monitoring tool crafted with care to facilitate your work. It combines detailed reports, proactive alerting, customizable dashboard and more than 800 performance counters racked. Make advanced data correlation analysis, optimize your infrastructure and prevent issues by using VirtualMetric’s IT management and monitoring solutions.

monitoring suite

A Single Source of Information For All of The Components of Your IT Infrastructure

Troubleshoot easily the processes within your IT environment. Correlate logs and metrics, unify all of the data and take data-driven solutions. VirtualMetric is an agentless monitoring tool, designed according to the customers’ needs and expectations.

Dashboards for

Full Visibility Over Large Enterprise Infrastructure

VirtualMetric’s monitoring dashboards collect data across all parts of your infrastructure including physical servers, hypervisors, virtual machines, network devices, firewalls, storage, applications, databases, operating systems, integrations and more. All information is aggregated into a single dashboard, which is fully customizable.

Customizable Reports
and Charts to help you

Find The Root Cause For Every Issue And Resolve It Fast

Decrease dramatically the time for troubleshooting, downtime period and infrastructure maintenance. With the help of advanced charts and graphs, which visualize all the collected data you can correlate events easily. Multi-axis charts for advanced data analysis. Now you can find the root cause for every issue and prevent infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Smart alerts
and notifications to

Prevent Any Possible Downtime

To track all processes, hardware and software components on your infrastructure is impossible. High availability and reliability are critical tasks for every Infrastructure Manager or Head of IT department. VirtualMetric provides one of the most comprehensive Alarms features in the monitoring domain.

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