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Powerful database performance monitoring and management solution

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL server and SQL database monitoring

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Ensure the Health and Performance of your Databases

VirtualMetric provides a powerful tool to observe your database performance and health. With our auto-discovery capabilities, you will start monitoring your databases instantly. Analyze trend information, ensure the security of your data, generate reports and track users statistics with a single powerful database monitoring solution. Eliminate block and expensive queries, system and users errors and achieve better database management for exceptional application performance.

Database Monitoring

Exceptional Application Performance

In-depth visibility of your database activity, response time, individual datasets, available memory and disk space. VirtualMetric tracks every single query and your mission-critical performance counters, allowing you to build the best service. Fast detection of service outages and corrupted files, predictive analytics and trend reports.

Real-time Reports

Database Health Monitoring

24/7 real-time health monitoring for your databases. Ensure you meet your KPIs for availability and performance by getting automated reports for throughput, execution time, concurrency, hardware utilization, long-running queries, stored procedures, duplicate indexes and many more. Get smart recommendations for database optimizations.

Advanced Charts

Database Activity Monitoring

With VirtualMetric you can track in user actions and changes made to databases. Ensure compliance and guarantee the security of stored data with advanced visibility across datasets. Audit the user activity, track logs and suspicious activity, define database monitoring policies within heterogeneous database environments and exports audit results to external SIEM systems.

Facilitate the Work
of DB Admins

Database Audit and Change Tracking

Database audits are important compliance components. By performing regular database audits you prevent the chances for data breaches or thefts. And you ensure your compliance. VirtualMetric gives you detailed reports on user activity in the database, changes made to user accounts, user accesses to database servers, security breaches, and many more.

Smart Alarms

Insights on Critical Issues

Stay alerted for critical problems like slow database load time, blocking queries or index issues within your databases. Track all your databases on a single database heatmap and identify fast potential threads. Monitor stored procedures execution time for your SQL databases, databases backups and many more. Use the recursive alarming system to keep everything under control.

Database Performance Monitoring

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

VirtualMetric Database Performance Monitoring (DPM) helps you to eliminate the over-provisioning and optimize resource utilization. Identify which subset of your databases is generating the highest resource usage and use the in-depth information to optimize it. Achieve better performance for your applications, decrease data centre footprint and the amount of purchased hardware or cloud resources.w

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