Compliance Management and Auditing

Simplify IT compliance management with an all-in-one compliance monitoring software for auditing and automation.

Ensure 100% Compliance and Automate Compliance Checks with a Single Tool

VirtualMetric’s Compliance Service will help you to understand and implement the latest compliance requirements in your business. We work with different compliant providers to cover all your needs. PCI DSS, HIPPA, and DISA STIG are here to give you their best practices and help you to automate your security standards.

Proven Rules in Your Environment

Following the best practices, we implement the rules into our product and we will compare it with your environment. Once you have it, you will receive reports, alarms, and updates for any changes you need to know for your business. We check all your devices and sources with compliance providers’ practices and report to you. If everything looks good, your machine is 100% compliant. If it is not 100% compliant we will report what rules you are not following and help you solve the issues.

Control the Access

Your data is the most powerful resource you have and it has to be protected at any time. Except for hackers, competitors and every other threatens, you have employees, too and you have to control their access and to know what they do in your database at every moment. Managing access is crucial for your business. With VirtualMetric’s tool, you control who has access to what and see what he has done. At any moment you can change the preferences of your employers and decide who can or cannot access and where.

Detailed Audit

Once you’ve created access permissions, you will want to know if someone is trying to outstep your rules. This is possible with a detailed audit – you will be notified or alerted of each log, click, or even copying of some of your files. It would be hard for you to collect all the data for all machines in your environment and you may get lost in this information. VirtualMetric’s product collects and consolidates all information you need in regular reports.

Security Controls

Security always comes first. Either you want to create your own security rules, or you decide to use already standardized ones, VirtualMetric will help you to monitor all issues related to your virtual security. Collecting all logs and activity in your environment you will be able to see if someone is trying to hack you or there is unusual activity. We will send you reports and notifications with advice on how to remain secure and what needs to be changed.

Fully Compatible with Your IT Stack

One of the biggest advantages of VirtualMetric’s Compliance tool is being compatible with your entire IT stack – from VMware and Hyper-V to Linux ecosystems. We have wanted and successfully created a tool that will allow you to implement the latest compliance requirements regardless of the type of ecosystem that you have chosen to build your business on.

Real-Time Security Analysis

Not only can you be sure that your business is following the best practices, but VirtualMetric also scans your configuration and provides you with real-time security analysis. Therefore, you will be able to improve availability, performance, manageability, and security by working with real-time data. What is more, you can filter all the information in order to better sort the suggestions and possible issues.

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