File Monitoring

Monitor and track every file change that is happening in your ecosystem with a single tool.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Files

Knowing what is happening within your ecosystem at every moment can prevent security issues in advance. VirtualMetric provides a complete solution for tracking and monitoring every change to your files. Thanks to the real-time reports you can understand who changed a file, which specific file has been altered, and when that happened. Except for security purposes, VirtualMetric’s File monitoring will help your business meet different compliance requirements.

Track Every File Change

Following everything that is happening in a big ecosystem could be challenging. That’s why we created File monitoring – a complete tool that allows you to monitor, track, and analyze all of your disks, and scan for file changes. We took into consideration the fact that every business has different needs and we make our tool as customizable as possible. You can apply different filters in order to track changes of the biggest importance, and always be up to speed.

Object Auditing

Object auditing is the next step of file monitoring. File monitoring allows you to track changes to a specific file at a specific time, whereas Object monitoring provides you with detailed information about every alteration in your ecosystem. You have reports on literally everything – who tried to change a file, who requested access to a folder, if someone tries to delete/copy a file, how many time an action happen, etc.

File Integrity Monitoring

VirtualMetric allows you to monitor all changes made to your file servers including permission changes, file creation, move and modify events, and more. You have actionable data at your disposal to quickly identify all anomalous file events. Detect and shut down potential cyber-attacks instantly, before experiencing further damages. With VirtualMetric you can create your own response strategy to security incidents in order to guarantee the complete security of your ecosystem.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Being aware of unauthorized modification and unusual events can prevent big business losses. Set real-time alerts and get notifications for suspicious users and critical actions such as owner changes, permission changes, file deletions, or renaming events. You can even have an in-detail report about the source, hostname, time, and location for all anomalous file events.

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Except for security purposes, VirtualMetric’s File monitoring allows you to follow the latest compliance requirements – PCI DSS, HIPPA, and DISA STIG. From your dashboard, you will be able to follow and identify different data trends and take in advance measures to prevent breaking a compliance rule.

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