Our story

A platform designed by engineers, for engineers

Our founding story

A journey from problem to solution

Let’s go back to 2014. Yusuf was working as a Systems Engineer for an enterprise service provider, managing a large, virtualized environment. The problem? He constantly felt that his time could be spent more efficiently, he lacked the tools to obtain data about how the environment was performing. None of the available solutions provided him with enough insights, so he rolled up his sleeves, fully convinced that he could fix it himself. And so, VirtualMetric was born.  

Yusuf’s mission was to create powerful software that was both easy to deploy, and easy to use. Soon his work not only helped him do his job better and more efficiently; others started using it too. One of his colleagues spent a whole day every month collecting and analyzing data from all virtual machines. With VirtualMetric, that work was reduced to seconds: nothing more to do than pull a report.  

From a small setup in Turkey, we now have offices in Istanbul and Amsterdam, with customers in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.   

We stay committed to not leaving any stone unturned to find ways for IT professionals to get their jobs done in the best performing and most intuitive fashion. Yusuf, and everybody else at VirtualMetric, loves to create things, and automation is one of our key interests: making it fast and easy to use, with minimal resource requirements. 

Our vision

Shaping a future of no-nonsense IT excellence

At VirtualMetric, we’re not about fancy jargon or smoke and mirrors. We see a future where tech works for you, not the other way around. No frills, just smart solutions, aiming for a great user experience. We achieve this by taking a no-nonsense, tech-driven approach.

Our vision? We believe that you should spend time on building, not fixing. Creating, not just maintaining.

Imagine a world where IT–professionals are liberated of anything that prevents them from spending their time delivering exceptional digital experiences to their customers and users. Together, we make that possible. 

Our mission

Revolutionizing IT with simplicity and efficiency

Our mission at VirtualMetric is straightforward – tech that works: easy, efficient, reliable. We’re on a mission to create the best performing and most intuitive platform for IT-professionals out there that doesn’t require reading the entire documentation to figure it out. In short:  

We enable IT-professionals to operate more efficiently by creating tools that make their work easier.  

This means our customers can free up IT resources to spend time on developing new digital services and improving the customer experience. At VirtualMetric we acknowledge the growing impact of IT on our planet and want to play our part:  

We help companies reduce their environmental footprint by creating a platform that helps utilize IT- resources more efficiently. On top of that running VirtualMetric requires a very small hardware setup.  

Join us at VirtualMetric as we keep it real, keep it smart, and keep pushing for a future where tech doesn’t just keep up; it leads the way. 

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