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Get A Full Visibility Over Your Container Environments
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Up to par OpenShift performance

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VMware Tanzu

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Ensure the Performance of Your Container-based Applications

VirtualMetric Container Monitoring gives you full real-time visibility over the health and performance metrics of your containerized environment. Build, manage and optimize containerized applications at scale while preventing issues on every layer of your clusters.
Our Container Monitoring solution collects all metrics, traces, logs and visualises statistics that can help you instantly improve the health and performance of your containerized applications. Analyse the health of the whole IT infrastructure or individual pods and single containers. Monitor container runtime performance in real-time!

End-to-end visibility
from a single source

All Your Containers On a Single Dashboard

VirtualMetric Container Monitoring allows you to use a single solution to get an overview of all your containers no matter the technology behind it. No need to install an agent or make any changes to the existing infrastructure. With a few clicks, you can visualise the data you need to analyse in a user-friendly dashboard and charts.
Monitoring ephemeral resources can be hard due to their unpredictable nature. But with VirtualMetric you enjoy end-to-end automation of the resources discovery and data collection.

Keep track of all important events

Real-time Notifications

You will be notified for every change in your containerized infrastructure or any anomalous or suspicious activity. Set specific rules under which you should be notified and for issues that threaten the entire performance of your containers.We can implement the solution in any cloud that you prefer to use.

Advanced Capabilities and features

OpenShift Monitоring Supported

VirtualMetric is among the few monitoring solutions on the market, supporting OpenShift container monitoring. With us, you start monitoring your OpenShift clusters and underlying IT stack instantly. Analyse and drill down into detailed data collected from the hardware used by your containerized environments, pods and single containers. Take a look into insights for the container performance – number of containers, memory, I/O, network usage, node details and services.

Automation to facilitate your work

Automated Discovery

VirtualMetric uses the container APIs to get all of the data for your containerized infrastructure and to create real-time maps of your containers. Through the automatic discovery, you can immediately visualise what is running inside your containers and analyse the resource usage and performance of each of them. In addition, VirtualMetric is completely agentless while monitoring containers, regardless to the monitored container technology.

Perfect for large-scale environments

Monitor Containers at Scale

Most of the containerized environments contain a huge amount of containers, which makes troubleshooting and identifying the bottlenecks at scale a challenge. If a container is not responding well, you have anomalies in some containers, or you do not have enough hardware capacity for more containers, you want to be aerated immediately. Now you can seamlessly map data flows and clusters and analyse huge container environments and extract instant statistics for the capacity used and performance.

Try VirtualMetric Container Monitoring Now!

Having full visibility into metrics, logs, and traces will benefit greatly admins of containerized platforms. Knowing what processes are executed not just at the cluster or host level, but also within the container runtime and application, helps companies make informed decisions, when and how to scale instances, tasks and pods.
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