Applications and Services

Monitor all your applications with a single solution and collect the most important metrics for all your storage performance, data management, etc. with VirtualMetric’s powerful application monitoring software.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Infrastructure

Server monitoring

Application Monitoring

Powerful application monitoring and tracking solution. End-to-end visibility over you application stack.

Storage Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Powerful database performance monitoring and management solution.

Container Monitoring

Container Monitoring

Powerful Container Monitoring solution with real-time visibility over
your containerized environment.

Ensure the Performance and Health of All Applications and Services

VirtualMetric delivers vital information for the health of your applications in the form of user-friendly reports and graphics. Ensure your business-critical applications behave in an expected way and provide the needed performance for end-user satisfaction.

Applications and Services monitoring is a hard task to do manual, due to the diverse nature of all environments and technologies used. With VirtualMetric you get a powerful tool to transform the hard work into notable outcomes.

Complete Visibility on the

End-to-end Application Stack

Although most issues always happen on the application level, VirtualMetric delivers end-to-end visibility on your whole application stack – infrastructure, virtualization, applications, services, user behaviour. Discover the root cause of a problem and fix it immediately.

In-depth Service Checks

Ping, TCP, Port and DNS Checks

VirtualMetric checks all elements of your infrastructure to validate that the services within are up and running. With a variety of checks available, you will know if your network is up or down, when you are able to reach a VM through the network, the condition of your ports, etc.

Be Sure Your Applications
and Services are Healthy With

Automated Inventory Collection and Reports

Constant monitoring of the requests to the servers. Analyze the traffic quickly to the server and how it is behaving. Prevent slow performance of the application or lousy user experience. Improve the server response time and ensure high availability with VirtualMetric.

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Get full visibility over your servers’ health, performance, and utilization instantly. Claim your free trial and check how to improve the reliability of your infrastructure and facilitate your daily work.
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