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Reports You Have To Check To Ensure The Health Of Your Infrastructure

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Managing IT infrastructure is impossible without proper monitoring solutions and tools. Monitoring requires regular checks on the status, and the best way to gather details would be in the form of reports. Advanced IT monitoring solutions provide an automatic diagnosis of performance and availability issues across your IT network; manual interventions help optimize the process.

Manual interventions make sure you don’t miss out on any warning signs before reaching the critical points. Full-stack IT infrastructure monitoring must become part of your infrastructure management process, covering all aspects of your infrastructure, starting with the hardware, software, and network capabilities. 

Use this guide as a starting point to know the basic infrastructure monitoring reports and their significance. 

Infrastructure Monitoring Reports

A full-fledged infrastructure monitoring process will involve the monitoring of the following parts of your IT infrastructure:

  • Hardware resource monitoring
  • Operation system utilization and depletion monitoring
  • Network monitoring for analyzing bandwidth consumption and errors. 
  • Application monitoring for resource utilization, performance, and availability. 

Infrastructure Monitoring ReportsWhen you monitor all of these parts of the IT infrastructure, you will start realizing the value of detailed reports and logs. Most reports can be triggered manually, and if required, you can set up your monitoring tool to generate periodic reports to compare and analyze. 

Here are the common types of reports you will have to check. 

Health Reports

Health reports are the most commonly used reports that provide you with a general overview of any specific IT resource or your entire infrastructure. You can calibrate health reports to be extremely detailed or give a glimpse into the health status of the overall systems. 

You can get detailed reports on each component of your infrastructure and assess its importance and continued usability. You can make data-based decisions on repairing, removing, or enhancing the components using their health check reports. These health reports help you streamline your operations to take the right steps in the right direction.

Health ReportsEvent Logs And Error Reports

Event logs gather forensic data in case of a security incident or during any error condition. These reports can also be analyzed in agentless mode and be used by automation tools to make the necessary alerts and notifications. These reports can also capture the alert history and be used to optimize your event diagnosis better. 

Performance And Benchmark Reports

Performance and benchmark reports can be used to check compliance with the industry norms and standards and check the performance against established metrics. These reports help identify IT infrastructure components and check them against the baseline behavior to see if they deviate from the norm. 

Inventory Reports

Inventory reports give a complete picture of the resources, their availability, assignments, roles, usage limits, and so on. These reports will be helpful in better allocation of resources and the right-sizing of your IT infrastructure. You can also monitor each specific application for its performance, which can be useful for capacity planning.

Inventory ReportsAnalytical Reports

Analytical reports will be the results of special analyses and queries. These reports can help identify trends and patterns with your performance, resource utilisations, network usage, and similar parameters. These critical insights could help steer your IT strategy for better improvement in performance and productivity. 

You can also find the root causes of several bottleneck situations that may arise in case of peak usage and network traffic. These analytical reports on infrastructure solutions that guide you through configuring your hardware resources and software applications in the most efficient way possible, thus streamlining your operations. 

Challenges You Might Face With IT Monitoring

As IT infrastructures are often composed of multiple remote locations that use different types of cloud environments and deployments, monitoring IT becomes a complex task that needs to consolidate the data from multiple sources and properly gauge the productivity and utilization of the resources on the whole. 

Challenges You Might Face With IT MonitoringAs the IT infrastructure becomes more and more complex, monitoring solutions too need to be able to scale well to be able to analyze the data quickly. You will also require a centralized monitoring solution that gives you a bigger picture of optimizing your resources and increasing productivity levels. 

A good monitoring solution should not just be a threat warning system, but it should also facilitate high-value initiatives and innovative strategies that can help you make the best use of your resources. Hence you will need a powerful solution that can provide centralized monitoring.

Look for infrastructure monitoring tools that provide monitoring of IT infrastructure and useful tools like dashboards, various types of reports, event monitoring, and so on. VirtualMetric is one such infrastructure monitoring solution that provides an all in one monitoring solution that includes security and performance analysis as well. 

You can easily track your inventory no matter how big or small it is efficiently and keep track of any change that happens over time. You get detailed reports and event logs to assist in forensic analysis in case of a security breach and assess your performance and resource utilization metrics. 

It provides you with comprehensive solutions for server monitoring, virtualization monitoring, application monitoring, database monitoring, insightful analytics, IT security, and more to help you stay ahead and plan for better productivity, availability, and performance.

Olga BurnaevaReports You Have To Check To Ensure The Health Of Your Infrastructure

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