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[Webinar] How to Extend your Monitoring with Automation and Scripting

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With the growth of APIs adoption, increasing the complexity of APIs use cases. More and more organizations are using API to get the most out of their monitoring solutions. With the help of automation and scripting, you can customize your monitoring based on your business-specific needs. Sounds complicated, but we got you covered.

Join the webinar on April 7th to learn the easy way to leverage your monitoring solution’s API.  On this webinar, Yusuf Ozturk and Chris Twiest will share live examples and ready-to-implement use cases on how to take your automation and scripting to the next level with monitoring solution API.

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  • Monitoring solution overview – things to consider
  • Why do you need to adapt API right now
  • Live examples of monitoring dashboard and API use cases
  • How to take your scripting to the next level: API and self-healing examples
  • Q&A session


Chris Twiest, Technology Officer at RawWorks
Chris Twiest works as Technology Officer at RawWorks in the Netherlands. As Technology Officer his focus is on providing technological and strategic vision internally and at customers. Chris is focused on making great innovative products and services. Chris has more than 10 years of experience in managing, creating and automating workspace environments with a strong focus on virtualisation products. Chris is part of the Citrix Technology Professional, VMware vExpert and Login VSI technology Advocate programs.
Chris also writes articles for his own blog:  and for SearchVirtualDesktop TechTarget.
Yusuf Ozturk, Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect at VirtualMetric

Yusuf has started his career in IT 15 years ago. He has hands-on experience in system engineering. During his career, he gained a deep knowledge of Web Servers, Virtualization, Microsoft Exchange, PowerShell, and Cloud Infrastructure. Yusuf has been awarded multiple times as an MVP.Now he is building monitoring and reporting for Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft IIS, and SQL Server.

Olga Burnaeva[Webinar] How to Extend your Monitoring with Automation and Scripting

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