April 2023

Hi, I’m Jimmy

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I am a great believer in the power of technology. In 2014 I left KPN  (a.k.a. corporate life) to pursue my dream of building a great tech company. I’ve had a very good time since then. But I must admit it sometimes felt like being on a crazy rollercoaster.

I was immediately excited when I came in contact with the founders of VirtualMetric. Like most successful startups, VirtualMetric was created by someone who was looking for a product that wasn’t there. In Yusuf’s case, as a systems engineer, he couldn’t find the right tools to monitor a complex IT Infrastructure. So he decided to build them himself. With the goal of making monitoring software that is easy to deploy, easy to use, and has great performance. 

This journey, which started in 2016, got boosted along the way through onboarding customers like Avanade and Turkcell. They helped VirtualMetric through their endorsement. But even more by helping improve the product with their feedback. Turkcell even inspired us to add a new product, Log Monitoring.

With a solid base of customers in Turkey and the USA, VirtualMetric is ready for a new chapter: focusing on growth, both commercially as well as professionally. And I’m very excited to help expand the company in Europe. 

About me

My personal journey started in Amsterdam, the HQ location of VirtualMetric, where I was born and raised. After graduating from Vrije Universiteit with a degree in Financial Economics I started my professional career at Dutch Telco incumbent KPN as a Business Controller. Although I still benefit from these 3 years of crunching Excel spreadsheets, I moved to commerce and general management after that. For more details on my career, you can check out my Linkedin profile.

I currently live in The Hague, the 3rd biggest city in the Netherlands on the North Sea coast, with Georgette and our 9-year-old son Thomas.

Jimmy WindHi, I’m Jimmy
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