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Why Monitoring Should be a Part of Your DevOps Strategy

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DevOps came about as a result of ever-growing lags between development and operation. It’s a framework that deals with communication bottlenecks, allowing for smooth change management. DevOps monitoring is a crucial element and a necessity for this framework to succeed. Monitoring plays a vital role in realizing the underlying goals of DevOps. 

DevOps is all about eliminating technical inefficiencies and improving the speed of the whole cycle from development to deployment. In organizations big or small (especially big ones), the current SDLC creates a culture of the blame game. The problems are tossed from one team to another, without the problem being resolved in time. 

Now, when we talk about resolving problems, we first have to talk about detecting problems. And infrastructure monitoring is at the heart of detecting issues and inefficiencies, helping improve the overall change rollout and resolving problems before they get serious. Isn’t that what DevOps is about anyway?

Olga BurnaevaWhy Monitoring Should be a Part of Your DevOps Strategy
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25 Virtualization and IT Blogs you Have to Check

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Are you looking for trustful content around IT related topics? Do you want to learn more about virtualization, automation, cloud computing and other topics? The good news, many IT experts have launched their own blogs and resources to help the community keep up with the challenges they face.

We have decided to put together a list of blogs that can give you tons of useful content. Considering the number of great sites being created around the topic, we couldn’t possibly cover them on. As a start, we picked 25 blogs, mostly focusing around the virtualization technology, but not only. 

Olga Burnaeva25 Virtualization and IT Blogs you Have to Check
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How to diagnose why your server is down

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Very often, we face situations when the website we are trying to access refuses to load. In addition, repeatedly refreshing the site also does not bring out any positive results. This is when you understand that there is something amiss with the server and that it might be down. 

What Does It Mean When You Say That The Server Is Down? 

Ideally, the performance of any server or website is measured by its server uptime. This means that a proper connection is established and maintained between the server and the client. However, when a website does not load on the system, it effectively means that the site cannot access the files stored on the server. 

Olga BurnaevaHow to diagnose why your server is down
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Why do you need to monitor VPNs?

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A VPN connection comes in handy to establish a link between private servers and remote users. As a protected data path, the presence of the VPN tunnel paves the way for improved data security. Therefore, data transmissions between the network and device have the additional security of data encryption. 

But at the same time many inappropriate IPs can access your VPN, putting data security at stake. So, how do you deal with such situations? You definitely can’t stop using VPNs right. This is why VPN monitoring is an essential component of network security nowadays. 

Olga BurnaevaWhy do you need to monitor VPNs?
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Monitoring Tools for MSP: Things to Consider

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Monitoring is a major part of a Managed Service Provider or MSP. After all, it emerged as remote management and monitoring (RMM) of servers. However, today MSP’s scope is well-defined and distinguished from standard RMMs. Nevertheless, monitoring is still a key service that these companies provide to their clients. 

Managed service providers take care of all the IT infrastructure of their clients. So naturally, it’s their job to ensure that the infrastructure is running optimally and delivering on the performance goals set by the business. This requires consistent monitoring with an analysis of key metrics and also ensuring the security of the whole infrastructure. That’s no easy task, to say the least. 

What to Look For in Monitoring Tools for MSP?

As an MSP, you need to opt for reliable monitoring tools that check the health of servers, networks, and overall infrastructure. While MSPs can use their in-house tools or a monitoring tool from a vendor for a specific part of the infrastructure, such as virtualization. However, you’d be juggling with too many tools. What you need is a powerful solution that caters to all the monitoring needs of your client’s IT ecosystem. 

Olga BurnaevaMonitoring Tools for MSP: Things to Consider
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