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Performance Monitoring with Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications by VirtualMetric

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Managing hundreds of servers and thousands of hosts can be a hard task. You need to hold everything under control and be sure your environment is working smooth and without interruptions. Running a complex IT environment is connected with a constant monitoring of a lot of components – physical servers, CPU, RAM, IOPS, backups, storage, networking, etc. In such a situation, even the most complex dashboard or advanced monitoring solution cannot guarantee that all the components are 100% healthy and work efficiently. The reason for this is that if something happens, your infrastructure needs your skillful administrators and engineers to take immediate actions.

VirtualMetric is introducing Smart Alerts and Query-based Notifications. With our smart Alerts and Notifications, you will be notified in case of an issue within your infrastructure occurs, a component is not working as expected or there is a threat to the system.  The Smart Notifications and Query-based Alarms are an advanced tool, tailored for the sophisticated needs of cloud engineers managing enterprise infrastructure. The intelligent server alerting system is designed to improve the availability and to reduce the time-to-resolution of a problem within your company.

vmetricBlogPerformance Monitoring with Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications by VirtualMetric
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VirtualMetric helps enterprises to cover ITIL and ISO27001 Certification

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VirtualMetric is a proven solution, helping companies all around the globe to cover ITIL and ISO27001 сertification and ensure a smooth change management process. Тhanks to its sophisticate Change Tracking solution and real-time monitoring companies around the globe can ensure the health and stability of their infrastructure.

ITIL Change management – ensures infrastructure stability and enterprises’ agility

ITIL change management is a process designed to improve infrastructure stability, ensure its health and the service quality as well as the enterprises’ agility. It helps companies to organize perfectly the process of change management and to minimize the risks of it. Proper implementation of ITIL is crucial in improving the service delivered and it is quality. It is of major importance for entities like banks and financial organizations and successfully implemented in Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, etc. Thanks to VirtualMetric and its sophisticated Change Tracking functionality for the complete inventory of the servers, banks like the above mentioned can easily cover their ITIL certification needs.

vmetricBlogVirtualMetric helps enterprises to cover ITIL and ISO27001 Certification
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