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NEW: Network Monitoring – New Addition to VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite

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Monitoring your network infrastructure is critical for the stability of your whole infrastructure. And we are happy to present the new product in VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite – Network Monitoring. Increase your network efficiency by tracking bandwidth and resource utilization. Ensure your availability and prevent any outages before they occur and affect your infrastructure.

Network Performance Monitoring – New Addition to VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite

VirtualMetric’s Network Performance Monitoring supports multi-vendor monitoring and tracks the key aspects of your network equipment – ports, VLANs, port utilization, connectivity saturation and more. With its advanced Heatmap, you can see immediately which devices may be problematic and which are running smoothly. Smart Alerts will make the work of all network administrators much easier and will help you to prevent outages or vulnerabilities.

No matter if you need to monitor the network across a big enterprise or the network of multiple data centers, VirtualMetric Network Monitoring will give you the right tools. Determine traffic flows, utilization, and other performance indicators on your network. VirtualMetric Network Performance Monitoring combines hard numbers with an easy to understand charts and reports presenting the state of your network. 

Network Infrastructure Performance Monitoring


Enjoy a wide range of valuable features:

  • Network Performance
  • Port utilization
  • Multi Selection statistics for the ports
  • Multi-axises network analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • VLANs reports
  • Port Inventory
  • Outage notifications
  • Network Heatmap


Network Monitoring Capabilities and Features

VirtualMetric supports two main connection types to the network devices – SMNPv2 and SMNPv3 to collect the data from your network equipment. The only thing you need to do is to type your IP address and we connect to the SMNP of the device to immediately collect data for your network infrastructure.

You can monitor all of your network devices in the Devices section of VirtualMetric under the Network Devices part. There you will see a full list of all your network devices with full details for each of them. 

Several modules are available in the Network Monitoring section, where you can dig it into a different kind of information:

Overview – a high-level overview of all your network devices. In the Overview, you track all issues, high network port utilization, general bandwidth usage, receive and send bandwidth and more.

If your network infrastructure is under attack, for example, you will have increased latency inside the network, which will dramatically affect the whole system. From communication between the servers to SQL queries and database connections, everything will be affected. And worst, your customers will not be able to reach any services.

You need to check the port utilization between the servers. If you use all of your bandwidth between the servers and your connectivity is saturated, the servers will not get any connection anymore.

It is of high importance to monitor the network usage between the servers, services, and databases. This will ensure your availability and reliability.

Favorites: collect the most commonly used reports on the most critical network 

Inventory: detailed information for the utilization and performance of your Ports and VLANs

Ports – port availability and port utilization statistics and more…

In comparison to other network monitoring alternatives, with VirtualMetric you see the multiple usages of several devices presented on a single chart. In addition, you have a detailed overview of the port utilization. These features are important because you discover the current utilization of a single port presented as % of its capacity and whether you will hit the limits soon. Moreover, by using the utilization counter, you can set up alarms to alert if you are going out of capacity.

VLANs – if you are a data center giving VLANs to your customer, you may want to track the usage of each specific VLAN. Realize what is the customers’ total bandwidth usage. Customers use multiple ports, which makes it impossible to track them if you do not monitor the whole VLAN as a whole.

Audit and Change Tracking – Historical information for the changes on your network infrastructure. 

Bandwidth Monitoring

VirtualMetric makes it easy to monitor incoming and outgoing bandwidth divided by category. You can monitor the bandwidth inside your organization or of your whole data center. 

With VirtualMetric Network Performance Monitoring you investigate easily which network devices are doing the highest bandwidth usage and you can dig down to identify the exact port doing the traffic.

Port Utilization

In the Ports section, you can discover the per-port bandwidth usage. If you are a data center, for example, you have a large number of customers. By using VirtualMetric Network Monitoring, you track easily the per-customer usage.


Let’s say there is an issue with one of your network devices. Review the uptime availability report and find out how many seconds the device has been down.


Let’s say you have high bandwidth usage. You can easily go to the Ports section and analyze per port usage. But from one port, there might be multiple requests. For example, if you are managing an office network. With VirtualMetric Network monitoring, you can investigate the flow analysis and analyze the per request information. In this way, you identify who is making the high traffic.

Flow Analyzer

Using Flow Analyzer you will overcome many common challenges encountered by network operators including:

  • Monitoring major contributors to network traffic
  • Understanding application traffic and its network impact
  • Detecting unauthorized traffic
Incoming and Outgoing Traffic Analysis

With VirtualMetric you can gather flow data including in Netflow, Sflow and IPFIX types. We create samples of the flows by Source-Destination IP address, and ports. And with this data, you can create custom dashboards and see the major network traffic within your environment by IP, Country, Port etc. 

Network Monitoring Alarms

Create smart alerts for the collected data from your Network and increase your efficiency. For example, you can define rules for unwanted IP addresses or ports. Another useful alarm is based on port utilization. You might want to know if your ports are saturated. A typical case for useful alarm is also the network error notifications. 


Network Monitoring Alarms by VirtualMetric

Network Heatmap

One of the most useful features, which we recommend is VirtualMetric Network Heatmap. It allows you to track the whole network infrastructure you manage in only 2-3 seconds. The Heatmap is a visual representation of the current state of all your network devices.


Network Monitoring Heatmap by VirtualMetric

Upcoming features

VirtualMetric is a constantly evolving product! Stay tuned for the upcoming features – network maps, network latency, ping reports and more…



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