Powerful and easy to use Network Monitoring and Management Tool

The monitoring of your network is critical for the stability of your whole infrastructure. Increase your network efficiency by tracking bandwidth and resource utilization. Ensure your availability and prevent any outages before they occur and affect your infrastructure. VirtualMetric supports two main connection types to the network devices – SMNPv2 and SMNPv3 to collect the data from your network equipment. The only thing you need to do is to type your IP address and we connect to the SMNP of the device to immediately collect data for your network infrastructure.

Autodiscovery of all devices

Fast Start with VirtualMetric

When setting up a monitoring tool, devices, networks, virtual machines and resources discovery may be a hard critical step. VirtualMetric scans your IT environment and discovers automatically all the networks, devices and network components. In addition, it keeps track of all the changes and history within your infrastructure.

A large set of predefined charts and graphs

Easy to use and analyze

Getting started with VirtualMetric is easy and fast. We have analyzed the needs of hundreds of network engineers and created a large set of predefined charts, graphs and reports. All the rest is fully customizable according to your needs and requirements.

Network Heatmap

Deeper visibility into the health and performance of critical network hardware

Track the whole network infrastructure you manage in only 2-3 seconds. The Heatmap is a visual representation of the current state of all your network devices. Helps you to identify bottlenecks and speed up the troubleshooting process.

Developed by network engineers

Tailored to the needs of network engineers

While most monitoring solutions just inform you in case of a network problem, we provide you with detailed insights on the reasons causing an issue, thus enabling you to resolve them quickly. Real-time insights combined with a set of predefined database monitoring reports make the work of network engineers a lot easier.

All-in-one monitoring solutions

Full-stack monitoring and management with VirtualMetric

VirtualMetric’s Network Performance Monitoring provides multi-vendor support and tracks the key aspects of your network equipment – ports, VLANs, port utilization, connectivity saturation, and more. In addition, it provides separate modules to monitor your whole infrastructure, virtualization, logs and more.

server monitoring

Why use VirtualMetric server monitoring software?

  • server monitoring Agentless monitoring, no reboot, no patch, no installation required
  • server monitoring Forensic Analysis
  • server monitoring Enhanced dashboard for unified server monitoring and tracking
  • server monitoring Track your infrastructure in real time (1 seconds intervals for real-time counters reports in with less than 500 milliseconds delay)
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