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Real-time Log Tracking and Analysis for Easy Data Correlation

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When you are managing a large infrastructure, spread across several data centers, and with a team of multiple people, you need to track and keep a record for every event on it. Log tracking is an important action for keeping compliance and a high level of security.

System engineers and managers need to have a track for every event on their infrastructure. Businesses need to keep a record and collect the events on their physical infrastructure, virtualized environment, VDI infrastructure, databases, network devices, security devices, and applications. The final result of logging all these events is an enormous amount of data. And this data is collected with one main purpose – to be analyzed.

Although, when you are managing a small infrastructure you can keep logs and analyze information manually when you are responsible for a mid- or large-scale IT environment it is impossible. Using logs to troubleshoot problems or prevent such is easily done by implementing an automated monitoring solution, which tracks and analyses the logs in real-time.

Log Monitoring and Log Analytics is vital especially for banks, financial institutions, telecoms, service providers, or international companies with infrastructure spread across continents. Moreover, the log management and log analyzer tools are key components for Log Monitoring and Log Analytics quickly fixing problems and for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) compliance.

With the latest releases and improvements of VirtualMetric real-time infrastructure monitoring suite, we have made Log Monitoring and Log Analysis easier and more understandable. Businesses today face security and data breaches threats like never before. Enterprises need monitoring solutions more than ever to keep their cloud services healthy and constantly available.

VirtualMetric Log Analyzer is one of the advanced features you must have to monitor your entire IT environment. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to analyze logs, understand the source of the problem or interruption, performance, or infrastructure problems. Or just help you to find easily the cause for unusual system behavior. With VirtualMetric Log Analyzer, you can correlate fast data and events. Log analysis and log tracking is the key to find a misconfiguration, unwanted changes, unauthorized login attempts or poor system performance. By using Log Analyzer, you can ensure that your infrastructure and applications run smoothly with unbeatable performance. Thus increasing the satisfaction of your customers. By the smart reports and alerts, you can avoid system problems and loss of data.

Event Logs Statistics
Top Security Events Statistics

What Types of Logs does VirtualMetric Log Analyzer Collect?

VirtualMetric collects and analyzes logs from many different sources and presents them to you in user-friendly reports, graphics and charts. Part of the information collected is hardware and software inventory, server information, logs for the operations executed on servers, services, events and security logs, firewalls, TCP connections, critical system records, etc.

VirtualMetric Log Analyzer provides a comprehensive and centralized log collection capability by gathering information about network devices, firewalls, servers, applications, databases and users’ actions to help you perform an effective root cause analysis. All this is done without an agent installation, with an easy-to-use interface that meets your security expectations.

All the logs from your environment are collected and presented with a large set of graphics. Within minutes you make a quick analysis, troubleshoot problems and achieve your operational goals. The Log Analyzer and Log Management by VirtualMetric prevents from spending days between tables or writing manually complex queries. It also eliminates the hidden cost of paying to external companies for certain actions and empowers your team to focus on their main business.

Event Logs by Event Source
Application Logs

Real-time Event Log Correlation

Discover log correlation and fix problems in a timely manner. VirtualMetric Log Analyzer helps you effectively mitigate security threats by analyzing and correlating event log data in real-time. It protects your mission-critical business applications by detecting malicious traffic and unusual behavior. Moreover, it checks for critical changes and notifies you through its smart and automated alerting system.

Top Event Log Usage
Event Logs Statistics by Server

All the Graphics and Reports you Need in VirtualMetric Log Analyzer

Scanning hundreds of thousands of log records manually can result in a lack of full visibility and wrong data correlation. We have good news for you – VirtualMetric Log Analyzer does it all for you! VirtualMetric turns millions of data and records into easy-to-understand graphics. It allows you to see unusual trends in seconds using easy-to-customize graphics. Full visibility and cost savings at the same time.

VirtualMetric Log Analysis and Log tracking tools are developed with the main idea of ​​easy understanding and use of log data by all system engineers and IT professionals. It helps managers to obtain information and make the right decisions by using smart graphics and reports.

Expensive Queries Report by VirtualMetric Log Analyzer
Expensive Queries Total IO Usage
Expensive Queries IO Usage by Date

Converting Thousands of Logs into Easy to Analyze Graphics

VirtualMetric Log Analyzer allows you to convert the logs you want to analyze into different chart types. You can put the events that occur on a line chart and track how the logs change over time. In this way, you can easily interpret whether there is an abnormality during a certain period of time.

The disadvantage of other products is that when you want to change the chart type, you need to change the content and type of the query in the background. It is a long and tiring process that requires you to be able also to write very good queries or even get external support from the software vendor. On the other hand, with VirtualMetric you can change the chart type or include additional information to it by the user-friendly interface of the product.

VirtualMetric Log Analyzer SIEM Capabilities

VirtualMetric is among the most cost-effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions with its log tracking and logs analysis features. It provides a log collection from many different sources, forensic analysis, event correlation, real-time alerts, special notifications, user activities, etc. It has all of the SIEM capabilities you will need!

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Security Logs Report

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