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VirtualMetric and Tech Data combine powers to provide the market with new-age infrastructure monitoring solutions

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VirtualMetric helps companies of all sizes globally to ensure the smooth work and performance of their data centers, physical and virtual IT environments by providing cost-effective new-age monitoring and management solutions. The company steps into partnership with Tech Data to expand its presence in Turkey.

VirtualMetric is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD) for the distribution of our next generation risk-free monitoring solutions for ensuring infrastructure performance and business continuity. Our services are preferred by many companies in the international market, – as they help them to improve reliability and security and provide a differentiator from the competitors.

Founded in 2014, VirtualMetric serves its customers today with solutions targeting uninterrupted IT infrastructure, performance, and efficiency. The company works with many business partners on the international market and now expands its partnership network by signing an agreement with Tech Data Turkey. Tech Data is a recognized and exclusive distributor of IT solutions in Turkey and has a well-developed network and outstanding market position. By joining forces, the two companies will deliver outstanding value to the market.

VirtualMetric develops a solution with which companies can monitor all the components necessary for the smooth work of their data center and cloud infrastructure. It provides IT administrators with the opportunity to implement their daily management, monitoring, audit, and planning operations in a single solution at a minimum cost and to ensure high efficiency and risk-free operations. The most experienced and distinguished software developers of the sector contribute to this product, which was started in Turkey and with Turkish engineers.

Real-time monitoring without any complex prerequisites and any installation requirement on servers, regardless of hardware type and brand, brings VirtualMetric solutions to the forefront. With its instantly reported performance and business continuity processes, inventory, and log reporting features, it always provides its customers with valuable data insights. Thus, IT administrators can manage their system and network infrastructures more efficiently, and use VirtualMetric solutions to make their investments at the most appropriate and right time. In addition, VirtualMetric provides boutique software development and integration services within the framework of the professional consultancy services it offers and in line with the needs of its customers. In this way, customers can easily integrate the products and services they are already used to and used them together with VirtualMetric.

Behçet Yumrukçallı, General Manager of Tech Data Turkey

“As a distributor with proven success globally, we will increase the awareness of VirtualMetric on the market. Thanks to our access to the channel and exceptional market positioning, we will bring VirtualMetric to a higher level and increase its market share. VirtualMetric, which has solutions compatible with the existing Tech Data portfolio, is also strategically important in meeting customer needs. Therefore, we are excited to provide such solutions to the IT market. At Tech Data, we have in our portfolio the products of the world’s most powerful IT solutions manufacturers and work with many international IT companies. On the other hand, we are pleased to help solutions built with domestic capital to achieve success not only on the local market but to reach international markets.”, said Behçet Yumrukçallı, General Manager of Tech Data Turkey.

Ali Vargonen, Co-Founder of VirtualMetric

Providing information about the advantages of its products, VirtualMetric’s Co-Founder Ali Vargonen said, “At VirtualMetric we provide an end-to-end solution. We meet online with our customers who need installation, product set up, training, and technical support, and we go through the question-answer method to satisfy quickly and effectively our customers’ needs. We are a customer-focused company, not only in concepts but also in the way we do business. Thanks to this approach, we distinguish ourselves from other competitors. We are considering the new feature requests from our customers and adding them to our product development roadmap. In addition, thanks to our data-driven insights we improve the companies’ IT investment approach. We prevent IT environments from being a ship without a compass. Many institutions make predictive or expectant investments in existing servers. However, the well-monitored infrastructure provides the IT manager with an accurate investment map. No more need to resolve performance issues by adding extra server capacity, which will stay unutilized. Now you can resolve performance issues with a data-driven approach. VirtualMetric’s monitoring  solution offers companies the opportunity to analyze all resources in full detail. We are successful because we help our clients to eliminate unforeseen investments, to take measures for predictable risks. We enable our customers to build an agile IT infrastructure, and to make the best investment plan.

About VirtualMetric:

VirtualMetric B.V. is an all-in-one IT monitoring and management solution used by IT enterprises, telecommunications companies, banks, and companies that manage their infrastructure or offer IaaS solutions. VirtualMetric enables companies to get in-depth information about their infrastructures, ensuring their environment’s performance, uptime, and efficiency. With its expert team the company provides services to customers from 50+ countries, works with 15 different business partners and distributors, and has offices located in 3 different countries. VirtualMetric builds solutions according to the market’s and its customers’ needs. In the financial year of 2019, VirtualMetric has signed projects worth 10M EUR, reached 20+ success stories, attaching more importance to its value-added solutions with an annual growth rate of 114% and adopting this as a company policy.

About Tech Data:

Tech Data Corporation is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors in technology products, services, and solutions. The company works with more than 125,000 business partners worldwide with its advanced logistics facilities and value-added services. Together with partners in more than 100 countries, Tech Data enables end-users to meet a wide range of technology requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Tech Data generated $ 37.2 billion in net sales in the 2019 financial year. The company is ranked 88th in the Fortune 500® glazing and ranked among the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune. Tech Data Bilgisayar Sistemleri A.Ş. The ICT sector is one of the largest distributors in Turkey. Tech Data offers a broad portfolio of solutions and products to the business partners in the data center, information security, data storage, virtualization, network solutions, and next-generation information technologies of the world’s leading manufacturers in the IT sector.

vmetricBlogVirtualMetric and Tech Data combine powers to provide the market with new-age infrastructure monitoring solutions

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