December 2020

VirtualMetric: 2020 at a Glance

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2020 was a year we all will remember. The whole world got an experience like never before. At VirtualMetric we have always believed in a global team with no borders. This year almost every company joined us in the remote work approach. 

Despite the challenges we were surrounded by, our team had a productive year. We not only saved our entire crew but hired more talented people to our VirtualMetric family, which helped us to achieve our ambitious goals.

Let’s take a look at the highlights VirtualMetric had in 2020:

  • 3 new products
  • Revamped VirtualMetric Dashboard
  • Partnership with 3 leading companies
Olga BurnaevaVirtualMetric: 2020 at a Glance
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Leveraging Multi-Tenancy For Your Team

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Remote teams that work on dependent products face resource crunches and delays. When several teams work on interrelated projects, the chances are high that they will soon end up meeting at some point where they have to wait for resource release from another team or teams. 

For instance, when team A wants an update to an app currently maintained by Team B, they would want to automatically access the latest version of the app whenever a  new bug is fixed and an update is made. A simple single-tenant cloud solution may not be the right fit here. 

You would need the help of a scalable multi-tenant solution to make software deployments, testing, and development work seamlessly, no matter how big or small your teams would be. Here is a brief guide on how you can make the best use of multi-tenancy for increased productivity and efficient workflow in your team. 

Olga BurnaevaLeveraging Multi-Tenancy For Your Team
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How to Monitor IIS Performance


Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) is a well-known web server that hosts web applications and is used in many sectors like banking, healthcare, logistics, E-commerce, etc. It is the backbone of many IT Infrastructures but if it encounters issues it can cause websites to experience higher response times. Hence, end-users often leave the website. 

A web server plays a vital role in an organization’s IT infrastructure. Hence, to monitor IIS performance and view IIS logs, it’s very important to monitor IIS servers, applications and other servers. This also helps maintain applications that are mission-critical, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook. 

It’s integral to maintain high-quality IIS performance to ensure reliability, security and uptime. If your server has a problem, it can negatively impact your web presence and cause a decline in the number of your end users. In order to achieve high-level performance, its important to have an IIS server monitoring and IIS log analyzer

Olga BurnaevaHow to Monitor IIS Performance
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ConnectData Sintel and VirtualMetric Deliver End-to-end Infrastructure and Monitoring Solutions for MSPs

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VirtualMetric and ConnectData Sintel stepped into a partnership to deliver all-in-one monitoring solutions for cloud service providers, managed service provider and telecoms in France. The new partnership combines the experience of ConnectData Sintel on the French market with the advanced capabilities of VirtualMetric to deliver in-depth data analytics for the health and performance of large infrastructures. Both companies address the growing need of the market for simplicity in infrastructure management, in-depth visibility across large public, private and hybrid environments, better infrastructure utilization and higher reliability.

vmetricBlogConnectData Sintel and VirtualMetric Deliver End-to-end Infrastructure and Monitoring Solutions for MSPs
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Serverless – Is This Only a Buzzword?

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There’s a lot of talk about serverless computing lately, especially with the big tech giants investing in the idea and offering exclusive products built on it. But is it just a buzzword, or does it have the potential to become the next big thing in technology? 

Cloud computing was once a buzzword, too, one may argue. But that buzzword ended up revolutionizing the whole industry, with 90 percent of companies now using cloud hosting. Serverless is the next step in that movement, one that’s poised to grow exponentially over the next few years. A survey by Cloud Foundry Foundation of 250 companies showed 22 percent of them were using serverless technology. 

What is Serverless?

Serverless or, as it’s technically called, serverless computing is an execution model of cloud-based computing where the cloud provider dynamically assigns resources and storage. It basically runs pieces of code as functions rather than whole applications. And the client is charged only for the actual resources used. 

Olga BurnaevaServerless – Is This Only a Buzzword?
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