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VirtualMetric: 2020 at a Glance

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2020 was a year we all will remember. The whole world got an experience like never before. At VirtualMetric we have always believed in a global team with no borders. This year almost every company joined us in the remote work approach. 

Despite the challenges we were surrounded by, our team had a productive year. We not only saved our entire crew but hired more talented people to our VirtualMetric family, which helped us to achieve our ambitious goals.

Let’s take a look at the highlights VirtualMetric had in 2020:

  • 3 new products
  • Revamped VirtualMetric Dashboard
  • Partnership with 3 leading companies

VirtualMetric Dashboard 2020

VirtualMetric Dashboard

VirtualMetric Dashboard 2020

One of the things we are proud of is our Dashboard. This year we kicked off with the release of a new dashboard with an unmatched level of interactivity and a wide set of new features. Remember, how Tony Stark was playing with the charts? That’s the experience you get with the New VirtualMetric Dashboard.

What’s new? Smart Alarms Functionality, Active Alarms, automated Compliance Analysis, additional layers of information and many more improvements. Enjoy proactive issue resolution and easy drill down on any aspect of your infrastructure. 

New Additions to the VirtualMetric Suite

Network Monitoring

VirtualMetric Network Monitoring Dashboard

Network Monitoring Dashboard

March has been marked with big news. We have presented a new and the most anticipated product in VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite – Network Monitoring. 

We know that managing growing networks can be quite overwhelming. With our new powerful solution, you can monitor networks, firewalls, load balancers, and switches. With its advanced Heatmap, you can see immediately which devices may be problematic and which are running smoothly. Smart Alerts will make the work of all network administrators much easier and will help you to prevent outages or vulnerabilities. 

No matter if you need to monitor the network across a big enterprise or the network of multiple data centers, VirtualMetric Network Monitoring will give you the right tools. 

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Monitoring Alarms and Notifications

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Monitoring Alarms and Notifications

Our development team was working hard and came up with the next big announcement in September – Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Monitoring addition to the VirtualMetric Suite. 

With the new Azure Stack HCI monitoring and reporting tool, you can collect, visualize into charts and analyze a wide variety of counters and statistics from your environment, including virtual machines on-premise and within the cloud, Windows server, resources, performance, and more.

Like all our solutions, the Azure Stack HCI monitoring software is completely agentless and delivers features like dashboards, dashboards playlists, smart recursive alarms and notifications, inventory collection, and full customization of all reports inside. The advanced Microsoft Azure Stack HCI observability solution can be easily integrated within your infrastructure and you can start to collect metrics from physical infrastructure and virtual machines within minutes.

Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

VirtualMetric RHV

RHEV Monitoring

And the last but not least addition to the VirtualMetric monitoring suite released in 2020 – Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring. Now you can take advantage of agentless RHEV monitoring and tracking for your Red Hat virtual infrastructures. We guarantee complete visibility over the RHEV hypervisor and RHEV guest VMs to improve the real-time performance of the mission-critical services in the RHEV cluster.

Expanding global presence

VirtualMetric helps companies of all sizes globally to ensure the smooth work and performance of their data centers, physical and virtual IT environments by providing cost-effective new-age monitoring and management solutions. 

We strongly believe that partnering with industry-leading companies allows us to bring more value to IT engineers worldwide. During 2020 we have expanded our presence in 4 more countries by stepping into partnership with Tech Data (Turkey), Cloudland (Netherlands), and ConnectData Sintel (France). By combining the power of VirtualMetric advanced monitoring suite with the market knowledge of our partners we will provide customers with an outstanding solution.

What’s next?

We’re preparing more exciting updates coming next year. We will continue listening to what matters for you and implementing it to the VirtualMetric solution. As a customer-centric company, we work to make your life easier and let you focus on important tasks. We appreciate our users and IT community and look forward to a productive 2021!

Olga BurnaevaVirtualMetric: 2020 at a Glance

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