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VirtualMetric Launches Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

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Monitoring your infrastructure is crucial for your applications, workloads and business as a whole. As a company, VirtualMetric believes that our solutions need to constantly evolve and follow your needs. Now we are happy to present the latest addition to your monitoring suite – Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring. Get advantage of agentless RHEV monitoring and tracking for your Red Hat virtual infrastructures. We guarantee complete visibility over the RHEV hypervisor and RHEV guest VMs to improve the real-time performance of the mission-critical services in the RHEV cluster.

What is Red Hat Virtualization?

Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV) is an enterprise virtualization platform supporting key virtualization workloads including resource-intensive and mission-critical applications, built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, KVM and fully supported by Red Hat. The platform is a stable foundation allowing you to virtualize resources, applications and processes and strep into the cloud-native future. As an enterprise-class virtualization platform, RHEV comes with the promises for achieving performance, resilience and security. It supports enterprise virtualization based on over 10 years of innovation with KVM and oVirt. Moreover, the Red Hat Virtualization comes with the promise of a wide range of features like scalability, security, and a wide compatibility list with cloud software stacks. According to Red Hat itself, their virtualization is the ultimate way to virtualize your data center more efficiently thanks to the following advantages:

  • Open virtualization that saves you money
  • Improved workload performance
  • Cross-portfolio, cross-platform integration
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to manage

VirtualMetric’s Red Hat Monitoring

Control the behavior and health of your Red Hat Virtualization with VirtualMetric. Thanks to our advanced monitoring dashboard and a large set of monitoring features, you will improve the real-time performance of critical business services within the RHEV cluster. VirtualMetric delivers complete visibility over the RHEV hypervisor and RHEV guest VMs to improve the real-time performance of the mission-critical services in your RHEV cluster.

Тhanks to our auto-discovery capability, VirtualMetric will automatically add all Red Hat Virtualization hypervisors to your monitoring Dashboard. Then it will start to map and measure performance at all levels – clusters, hosts, hypervisors and virtual machines. And as VirtualMetric is an advanced all-in-one monitoring solution, it will provide data for the underlying physical hardware with detailed inventory and change tracking. You will be able to enjoy an enterprise monitoring of mission-critical applications, easy generation of reports, monitoring heatmap and advanced recursive alarming. 

Some of the key metrics we monitor are:

  • CPU Usage 
  • Memory Utilization 
  • Virtual Machines Availability and Performance Monitoring
  • Datastore Reports
  • Virtual Disk Image Reports
  • oVirt/RHEV Performance Reports
  • Host Usage and agentless VM usage monitoring
  • Storage Latency Monitoring
  • Oversized and Undersized VMs
  • Rule-Based notifications and reporting
  • Idle VMs Detection 
  • Event Log Monitoring

RHEV and oVirt

Once you start using RHEV, you can take advantage of the opportunities that oVirt gives to you. Ovirt is an open-source virtualization management platform, which is easy to use, flexible and moreover completely free. It allows centralized management of virtual machines, compute, storage and networking resources, from an easy-to-use web-based front-end with platform-independent access.  

RHEV use cases

VirtualMetric will help you to overcome the challenges that your company is facing while building a foundation for future technologies. If you have already selected Red Hat Virtualization as part of your IT stack, you build agile, fast, and cost-effective virtualization. 

In modern data centers and private cloud setups virtualization is a crucial component. And if you are about to make the choice of virtualization now, our experts summarized the most common use cases when a Red Hat Virtualization can be your way to go.

Server consolidation 

Achievement of consolidation ratios of 10 do 1 and reducing the server rack space by up to 75% is now possible with Red Hat Virtualization. The workload density supports for up to 288 logical CPUs and 12TB per host and 240 vCPU and 6TB RAM per VM guest. Reliability for critical workloads is ensured by high-availability features. In addition, the support for third-party tools lets you choose the right backup, restore, and replication products for your organization’s disaster recovery needs. 

Performance-sensitive workloads

Testing of enterprise workloads, virtualized with Red Hat Virtualization, like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Exchange, showed performance gains of up to 140%. There are features that Red Hat Virtualization includes to ensure availability for virtualization workloads. Red Hat Virtualization supports third-party backup, restore, and replication tools that let you use the products that work best for your company. 

Development and test (dev/test) environments

In creating and improving applications and services, development and testing are critical. Red Hat Virtualization will help you to optimize your IT infrastructure in a way to deliver resources faster. Speed resources are delivered through centralized and automated resource management. And with VirtualMetric you can ensure that your resources are configured in compliance with policies and best practices through the usage of several reports in combination with smart alerts.  

Multi-hypervisor and hybrid environments

In the last years, hybrid IT approaches are associated with organizations seeking to gain the speed, flexibility, and cost benefits of cloud and container technologies. Due to its high performance and low TCO, Red Hat Virtualization is the best choice for organizations that want to reduce dependence on a single hypervisor vendor.

Technical workstations 

Many industries are trusting Red Hat Virtualization for the deployment of technical workstations to support virtualization applications that require high-performance graphics processing. Even more – Red Hat Virtualization delivers a seamless user experience that is completely the same as that of a physical desktop PC. 

VirtualMetric provide you more than an oVirt/RHEV Monitoring Tool

With only several clicks you will drill down to the exact cause of a problem within your Red Hat Virtualization and you will receive deep diagnostics. VirtualMetric will analyze the performance of every layer of the oVirt/RHEV infrastructure – RHEV server, VMs, databases and applications within the VMs. You will receive an inventory monitoring solution for easy IT asset management. Collects & reports data on Windows, Linux and VMware inventories, software and hardware inventory. 

Do you want to see all logs into charts? We will visualize them for you. Sophisticated log analysis will help you to identify misconfigurations, unwanted changes, intrusion attempts, or low system performance. 

VirtualMetric RHV

With VirtualMetric you will respond to the IT Challenges with a strong and reliable partner who will help you to improve and optimize the process in your business and will do the hard work. 

Experience the power of VirtualMetric oVirt/RHEV Monitoring! Start your free 30-days trial now.

Olga BurnaevaVirtualMetric Launches Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

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