Network Monitoring Enhancements – VirtualMetric Presents New Product Capabilities

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As a customer-focused company, which pays a lot of attention to its client’s needs and requests, while keeping pace with the market dynamics, VirtualMetric has always followed the approach of continuous product development. Our ongoing improvement process allows us to develop, test and release new features and product capabilities of your all-in-one monitoring software at short time intervals. As a result, we build an advanced roadmap with upcoming features, which we manage to follow through the years and always release the awaited capabilities within the needed timeframe.

During the last months of 2020, VirtualMetric released Azure HCI Monitoring, Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring. Smart Alarms Functionality, Active Alarms and automated Compliance Analysis were also among the most wanted features now available in VirtualMetric.

Now we are excited to share that we improved, even more, the Network Monitoring module of VirtualMetric. Among the latest enhancements in the Network Monitoring solution, we have Netflow Analysis improvement, Real-time Network Monitoring improvement, Network Change Tracking, Per second Port Monitoring.

vmetricBlogNetwork Monitoring Enhancements – VirtualMetric Presents New Product Capabilities
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Overcoming Bandwidth Bottlenecks


What is bandwidth? Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be sent or received by a particular device in a stipulated period. This is measured in Mbps (Megabits per second). Very often, people use bandwidth to refer to the speed of the internet connection. 

However, that is not the case. Talking about bandwidth vs. speed, the former helps understand the quantity of data transferred per second. At the same time, the latter focuses on the rate of data transfer from the source to the destination. So, that’s the difference between them.

Network bottlenecks are common in today’s times. With the increase in internet usage, there is more traffic flowing through every network line. How do you deal with such network congestions? How do you overcome bandwidth bottlenecks? Here are some ideas that you can implement and see the difference. 

Olga BurnaevaOvercoming Bandwidth Bottlenecks
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Key Network Monitoring Challenges Every Remote Team Faces

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Remote teams are not a new concept. Several organizations have been outsourcing development and support tasks to nearshore and offshore bases for more than a decade. And remote working is gradually increasing given the benefits it gives, like high productivity levels, lower costs, and access to a global talent pool.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, virtual teams and remote working have truly become mainstream and are being embraced by both employers and employees alike. But with such a rapid shift towards remote work culture poses its challenges despite it being the need of the hour. 

Companies had little time to set up the necessary networking infrastructure and efficient processes to facilitate a smooth workflow and productivity. In this article, we will explain such key network monitoring challenges and give you suggestions on how you can tackle them efficiently with network monitoring software. Read on.

Olga BurnaevaKey Network Monitoring Challenges Every Remote Team Faces
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Network Security Monitoring: Essential Guide

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The conventional monitoring solution focussed primarily on analyzing the performance of the network. Gradually, the scope of such tools increased and they are now packed with a host of security features. Focus is now more towards Forensic analysis, security threats analyzer, TCP analyzer, Firewall monitoring, Auditing and Compliances

So, how do you know which network security monitoring tool is essential for you? Which technique will provide the best ROI for your business? Here we have listed out some of the best tools available to ensure that your system network is secured from all ends.

Olga BurnaevaNetwork Security Monitoring: Essential Guide
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NEW: Network Monitoring – New Addition to VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite

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Monitoring your network infrastructure is critical for the stability of your whole infrastructure. And we are happy to present the new product in VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite – Network Monitoring. Increase your network efficiency by tracking bandwidth and resource utilization. Ensure your availability and prevent any outages before they occur and affect your infrastructure.

Network Performance Monitoring – New Addition to VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite

VirtualMetric’s Network Performance Monitoring supports multi-vendor monitoring and tracks the key aspects of your network equipment – ports, VLANs, port utilization, connectivity saturation and more. With its advanced Heatmap, you can see immediately which devices may be problematic and which are running smoothly. Smart Alerts will make the work of all network administrators much easier and will help you to prevent outages or vulnerabilities.

vmetricBlogNEW: Network Monitoring – New Addition to VirtualMetric Monitoring Suite
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