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User Tracking – Monitor Remote Users and Analyze Efficiency

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Something which the digitalization trend did not manage to do, was done by the global pandemic. And this is the global switch to remote work, remote learning and remote collaboration. Many companies and industries were thinking that allowing their staff to work remotely is not possible and will harm more than bring benefits. But when the pandemic started, many organizations needed to make a fast transition to remote work and remote work organization. If you need to manage a small team, it is relatively easy. But if you are a software development company for example, and you need to manage developers, system engineers, administrators, account billable hours for customers, etc. user tracking and user monitoring is a must-have. And it is not because you do not have trust in employees, but because you need to ensure following certain procedures, ensure the security of your network and internal systems and the quality of your service. 

No matter if you are a software development company, bank, IT services provider or another type of company if you manage remote workers, teams and locations, your IT team needs to have a powerful user tracking tool. Do you wonder exactly how many hours a certain team worked within a customer environment? Or how much time they have spent on your network or virtual workplace? Do you need to correlate this information with resource statistics or a change that happened within your infrastructure? Now, when almost the whole world and all industries are working remotely, more than ever companies need to have complete visibility on work, access to resources, changes, etc. VirtualMetric makes it easy by launching a new feature – User Tracking.

User Activity

What is User Tracking and what You Can Track? 

Users Monitoring is the latest VirtualMetric’s features. It enables companies to monitor users and their behavior, laptops, workstations, all the activity within your IT environment or users machines. With a large set of pre-built reports, VirtualMetric gives you information for user activity and in-depth visibility over all their actions and behavior. You can track:

  • Remote and In-house Employee’s Behaviour
  • Most Active Users
  • Hours Worked
  • Idle Hours
  • Active Hours
  • Per User Activity Summary 

How VirtualMetric Collects Information for Users

VirtualMetric uses the Active Directory Audit functionality inside the product to collect information. When you install VirtualMetric within your infrastructure, you add users’ workstations to the product, enable audit logging events on the machines (this can be done completely automatically) and start to collect information for the users. 

Active Directory Audit

Improve Operational Efficiency

VirtualMetric User Tracking and Auditing is a powerful tool to improve operational efficiency and help your team to be more productive. In addition, it helps organizations to follow strict security measures and stay compliant with industry standards. Eliminate the concerns about who is accessing which resources and decrease the vulnerability of your IT network. Audit resource access and modifications of company-owned resources. Correlate the user behavior with system changes and issues, get alerts on certain users’ actions and have full control over your organization.


Olga BurnaevaUser Tracking – Monitor Remote Users and Analyze Efficiency

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