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ConnectData Sintel and VirtualMetric Deliver End-to-end Infrastructure and Monitoring Solutions for MSPs

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VirtualMetric and ConnectData Sintel stepped into a partnership to deliver all-in-one monitoring solutions for cloud service providers, managed service provider and telecoms in France. The new partnership combines the experience of ConnectData Sintel on the French market with the advanced capabilities of VirtualMetric to deliver in-depth data analytics for the health and performance of large infrastructures. Both companies address the growing need of the market for simplicity in infrastructure management, in-depth visibility across large public, private and hybrid environments, better infrastructure utilization and higher reliability.

Connect Data Sintel LogoConnectData Sintel is an expert in data transmission solutions, security and monetization solutions, Carrier Ethernet Access, IOT. The company specializes in voice over IP and security solutions, PBXs, Microsoft services distribution and cloud services. They build services in cooperation with leading and emerging manufacturers and IT service providers.

ConnectData Sintel is recognized for their innovation and the quality of products delivered. For the MSP segment, the company helps providers to create their own offering and ensure the best environment for hosting virtual machines. It also connects manufacturers with MSPs to get the best possible solution.

The focus on MSPs is of joint interest for both ConnectData Sintel and VirtualMetric. While ConnectData Sintel helps MSPs to build their technology stack, VirtualMetric ensures that their infrastructure and virtualization will work smoothly and as expected. With its all-in-one monitoring suite, VirtualMetric helps MSPs to ensure reliability and maximum uptime on a reasonable price. The monitoring solution combines into a single interface monitoring and tracking of hardware, network, virtual machines; log analysis; change tracking; predictive analysis and advanced alarming. The solution is completely agentless and real-time and focuses on ease of integration and use for the end-customer.

“We are happy to partner with ConnectData Sintel and be able to address the needs of MSPs together. By combining their experience in the French market with our technology expertise, we are ensuring a competitive edge for local MSPs in the constantly evolving global market nowadays.”, said Ali Vargonen, Co-Founder of VirtualMetric.



“Our partnership with VirtualMetric was born out of our mutual desire to provide a solution to the monitoring needs of our IT and MSP resellers. By studying the market, we were looking for a solution that would optimize the performance and efficiency of our customers’ network equipment, databases and servers, while targeting small and medium-sized businesses and VSEs as a priority. Convinced by the richness of its functionalities, its user-friendliness, its high level of support and its price positioning, it was natural for VirtualMetric to win our agreement.

The partnership with VirtualMetric enriches our offer in the security sector and brings the publisher our knowledge of the local and international market, thanks to our extensive network of IT partners.”, Gregory Destombe, Sales Engineer at Connect Data – Sintel.

Yusuf Ozturk, CEO of VirtualMetric“VirtualMetric is a product made by engineers and for engineers. Our experience enables us to understand better the pains of MSPs when managing infrastructure and to deliver ready-made solutions for their reliability.

Thanks to our cooperation with ConnectData Sintel, companies can now invest their time in innovations, while we do care for their technology stack and its constant monitoring”, said Yusuf Ozturk, Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder of VirtualMetric.


About ConnectData Sintel

ConnectData Sintel is a distributor of solutions for Telecom and ISP Operators, as well as for Voice Data integrators. The company was established in 1981 and provides services to clients in France, Africa and overseas.

ConnectData Sintel is specialized in providing best-of-breed technology services like networking, VoIP, IoT, backup and monitoring services. The company is well-known for its knowledge, customer-focus and exceptional value delivered in the high technology market.


vmetricBlogConnectData Sintel and VirtualMetric Deliver End-to-end Infrastructure and Monitoring Solutions for MSPs

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