Detailed analysis of the processes within your infrastructure in combination with smart alerts

VirtualMetric empowers all system and cloud engineers with a powerful Analytics Suite. With it, you can conduct security audits efficiently, analyze the system logs and visualize them on different charts.

As part of the Analytics Suite, you can benefit from the Log Analytics module, which is collecting and analyzing logs from heterogeneous sources and presenting them on a user-friendly dashboard. Also, you will discover all the SIEM capabilities for your virtualization. Together with the Change Tracking for the complete inventory of the servers, we cover also the ITIL certification needs of enterprises, banks, and telcos.

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Analytics Suite, Log Analyzer and Security Auditing Features

Benefit from the large set of infrastructure and virtualization features covered by VirtualMetric Analytics Suite. Everything you need to get a comprehensive intelligence of your infrastructure and manage it in a better and more efficient way.

analytics Configure log definitions easily
analytics Log and Event management
analytics Log Analyzer to visualize logs into charts
analytics Log filtering
analytics Create notifications based on the logs
analytics Advanced query-based notifications
analytics Top security events
analytics Security auditing
analytics Predefined security reports

Your top database challenges resolved with VirtualMetric Analytics Suite

Ensure your environment is safe

Ensure your environment is safe

Detect unauthorized

Detect unauthorized login to the system

Detect brute

Detect brute force attacks

Proactive alerts

Proactive alerts to prevent hardware failures


Why use VirtualMetric Analytics Suite?

  • analytics VirtualMetric Log Analyzer SIEM solution
  • analytics Real-time event log correlation
  • analytics Easily convert logs into beautiful charts
  • analytics Easy security auditing and compliance
  • analytics Advanced security for your environment
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