Powerful server monitoring and tracking solution

Full insights of your physical and virtual servers for optimal performance

Server monitoring and infrastructure monitoring are critical aspects of managing your IT business. Businesses today are managing a steadily growing infrastructure to ensure the performance and reliability of their own or end-user applications. Having full insights on your environment is vital. Using a real-time all-in-one server monitoring solution is helping you to achieve optimal performance, prevent outages or downtime, and resolve fast all issues.

Get complete visibility over your servers with an advanced server monitoring solution. Plan your capacity, ensure constant availability, monitor your servers and manage them effortlessly.

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Server Monitoring Features and Tools

VirtualMetric Server Monitoring suite is tracking 800+ server performance counters to ensure your servers uptime, excellent performance, and reliability. We take care of your business high availability and growth with an advanced and proactive server monitoring solution.

Track all metrics and create alerts. Make your work easier and save time with VirtualMetric’s unified view over your servers.

server monitoring Performance monitoring
server monitoring Event Log Monitoring
server monitoring System Processes Monitoring
server monitoring Capacity Planning
server monitoring Physical Hardware Monitoring – Your IT stack at a glance - HP, Dell, IBM and more.
server monitoring Change Tracking
server monitoring Server Security and Auditing
server monitoring Server Inventory Monitoring
server monitoring Active Directory Authentication Support

Your top infrastructure challenges resolved with a powerful server monitoring software

Identify root causes

Identify root causes for performance issues

Proactive server monitoring

Proactive server monitoring to prevent outages

All-in-one tool for monitoring

All-in-one tool for monitoring and change tracking

Utilize better your servers

Utilize better your servers

Discover dependencies

Discover dependencies

Take data-driven decisions

Take data-driven decisions

Be notified and react on time

Be notified and react on time

Allocate your server

Allocate your server resources in an optimal way

server monitoring

Why use VirtualMetric server monitoring software?

  • server monitoring Agentless monitoring, no reboot, no patch, no installation required
  • server monitoring Forensic Analysis
  • server monitoring Enhanced dashboard for unified server monitoring and tracking
  • server monitoring Track your infrastructure in real time (1 seconds intervals for real-time counters reports in with less than 500 milliseconds delay)
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