Log Monitoring and Log Analyzer

Agentless Log Monitoring and Log Analyzer to keep a record for every event within your environment. Empower your team to closely monitor and easily troubleshoot any issue.

Powerful Log Monitoring and Log Analyzer

When you are managing a large infrastructure, spread across several data centres, and with a team of multiple people, you need to track and keep a record for every event on it. Log tracking is an important action for keeping compliance and a high level of security. Using logs to troubleshoot problems or prevent such is easily done with VirtualMetric an automated monitoring solution, which tracks and analyses the logs in real-time. The combination of Log Monitoring and Log Analyzer makes it easy for your DevOps Team to find the root cause for every issue.

Customizable Reports and Charts to help you

Convert a Huge Amount of Data Into User-Friendly Reports and Charts

Usually, log analysis is a complex task, as you need to analyse a huge amount of data to find the root cause for a problem within your infrastructure. VirtualMetric comes with built-in clear and precise reports for your logs. We transform tons of logs into easy to analyse log reports and charts.

Multi-axis charts for

Easy Event Correlation with In-Depth Log Analysis

Without an appropriate log management and reporting tool, a false positive can seem like a big problem, while a serious security breach may appear as innocuous standard activity. With VirtualMetric you can easily analyse your log activity and correlate the logs with specific events or activity within your IT environment.

All-in-one monitoring solution for

Centralized Log Storage, Easy Filtering and Search

Businesses need to keep a record and collect the events on their physical infrastructure, virtualized environment, VDI infrastructure, databases, network devices, security devices, and applications. The result of logging all these events is an enormous amount of data. We deliver centralized log storage with easy search and filtering capabilities.

Smart alarms and notifications to guarantee

Log Monitoring for Fast Incident Response

The log monitoring you use can have a great impact on the effectiveness of your incident response strategy. Increase the speed of issue recognition with advanced alarming and notifications system, based on your log activity. Ensure timely and simplified analysis of all events within your IT stack.

ITIL and SIEM reports to

Ensure Compliance

VirtualMetric is among а cost-effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions with its log tracking and logs analysis features. It provides a log collection from many different sources, forensic analysis, event correlation, real-time alerts, special notifications, user activities, etc. VirtualMetric provides all of the SIEM capabilities you will need!

Rich Functionality

Key Features to Monitor Critical Logs

With VirtualMertric you have a powerful tool to achieve an in-depth observability over the key log monitoring KPIs. From Syslog management to Eventlog Statistics, Security Log Monitoring to Application Logs, Expensive Queries Log and many more. We provide centralized Event log management and monitoring. Audit monitor and report every file access, policy changes, unauthorized access by a user or any activity involving breach of personal information such as financial data, employee details or patient records.

Log Monitoring Success Story

Redefining Efficiency - Turkcell’s log monitoring transformation journey

Meet Mehmet Susuz. He is the IT Associate Director at Turkcell, a leading telecommunications company in Turkey. Mehmet and his team battled with a dozen of expensive and nonperforming log monitoring tools. That was until they discovered VirtualMetric. With our comprehensive log monitoring tool, Turkcell unified disparate log monitoring systems into one powerful solution. They not only tamed the data but transformed it into a symphony of efficiency. With VirtualMetric by their side, Turkcell is writing a legacy. What’s your legacy going to be?

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