Case Study Turkcell Redefining Efficiency

Turkcell’s log monitoring transformation journey

Mehmet Susuz - IT Director at Turkcell

Processing 2TB of daily logs with just 2 servers

Meet Mehmet Susuz. He is the IT Associate Director at Turkcell, a leading telecommunications company in Turkey. Mehmet and his team battled with a dozen of expensive and nonperforming log monitoring tools. That was until they discovered VirtualMetric. With our comprehensive log monitoring tool, Turkcell unified disparate log monitoring systems into one powerful solution. They not only tamed the data but transformed it into a symphony of efficiency. With VirtualMetric by their side, Turkcell is writing a legacy. What’s your legacy going to be? 

The challenge

Struggling with multiple expensive log monitoring tools

Turkcell was using Splunk, a global leader in its space, to monitor 52 applications. They wanted to monitor many more applications but bounced against Splunk’s limitations; it was too expensive; both form a license as well as hardware requirements perspective. However, replacing such a mature product with a new solution was a brave endeavour, especially considering the positive satisfaction levels internal customers had with Splunk. Mehmet and his team challenged VirtualMetric to build a new log monitoring tool, that would outperform Splunk on all relevant metrics: processing speed, resource efficiency and usability, at a significant lower license cost. VirtualMetric accepted the challenge. 

"One of the most remarkable results we achieved in this journey has been handling an astounding 2 terabytes of log data per day with just 2 physical servers and 10 virtual machines for active-active log collection.​"
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Mehmet Susuz
IT Associate Director

The approach

Iterative development & checks

VirtualMetric joined forces with Turkcell to outline the requirements. While the team was inspired by agile methodologies, they didn’t restrict themselves to traditional agile practices. This flexibility was key in navigating the project’s complexities.  

VirtualMetric initiated an exhaustive demand maturation process to ensure that all relevant features needed were accounted for in the new solution. Mehmet: “My team and I met with all application owners of the 52 applications being monitored on Splunk to compile a detailed list of functionalities and requirements. With this extensive list in hand, we jointly decided on an architectural design that would cater to all of Turkcell’s monitoring needs.” 

The result

Impressive data compression rate of 98%

Mehmet: “Our partnership with VirtualMetric is a great example of a vendor-customer relationship that turned into a collaborative adventure. Through mutual respect, dedication, and a willingness to adapt and innovate, they successfully transformed a loomimg crisis into an opportunity for growth and innovation.” With VirtualMetric’s new solution, Turkcell was able to transition smoothly from a well-established product, Splunk, to a more efficient and powerful new product without losing any relevant functionality. In doing so, Turkcell not only addressed the immediate crisis but also laid a foundation for Turkcell’s monitoring systems’ future, unifying multiple tools under one robust solution.  

Key achievements along the way

  • Capacity and efficiency boost: From a limited 250 GB on 8 servers to an impressive 2 TB, on just 2 servers, enabling more applications to flourish without backlog.   
  • Seamless integrations: Seamless integration with the OBM environment and MicroFocus’s OBM heralded a resilient alarm mechanism, with data compression rates at an impressive 98%. Leading to significant financial and operational efficiencies. 
  • Advanced reporting & authentication: The introduction of advanced reporting platforms, coupled with organization-based authentication mechanisms, added layers of depth and security to the system. 
  • Innovative technology: Embracing new-age technology, we integrated ClickHouse, a new Online Analytical Processing Database (OLAP), showcasing the courage to experiment and innovate in a challenging environment. 
  • Intelligent resource usage: The log monitoring agent consumes an average of only 30MB to 50MB, and in denser, large-capacity machines, it may reach up to 80MB. 

On sustainability

A commitment beyond efficiency

Turkcell’s partnership with VirtualMetric is not only a story of technological transformation but also a landmark in sustainability. With the shift from 8 servers to just 2 for their log monitoring operations, Turkcell has showcased their commitment to the environment. The remarkable efficiency gain of 97% in VM operations has led to an annual CO2 emissions reduction equivalent to taking 8,147 households off the grid. This bold step reflects a reduction of 162,936 metric tons of CO2 annually – a testament to Turkcell’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet. Such strides in sustainability show Turkcell’s responsibility towards the environment, marking a significant milestone in their legacy of innovation with a conscience.  

Collaborative partnership

In the dynamic world of IT, crises are often inevitable. However, with the right partner and a collaborative approach, these challenges can be turned into opportunities. Turkcell and VirtualMetric’s journey is a testament to the incredible results that can be achieved when innovation meets determination. This collaboration between teams went beyond the conventional vendor-customer relationship. 

Mehmet’s concluding words: “This wasn’t just a project; it was a journey of collaboration, innovation, and determination. We’ve not only achieved our goals but also set new standards in the log monitoring domain.” 

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