Application Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your applications at a glance with one single tool and straight from your dashboard.

Microsoft IIS Monitoring

Collect the most important IIS metrics with advanced Microsoft IIS server and traffic monitoring tool
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Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) Monitoring

In-depth analysis of Windows Server Storage Spaces. Monitor your storage pools’ performance efficiently.
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Powerful Application Monitoring and Tracking Solution

VirtualMetric provides you with an advanced application monitoring tool to have full control over your enterprise environment, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure. The entire process of monitoring the availability of different workloads and applications requires advanced IT skills, time, and full visibility into every application and process. However, using VirtualMetric we make the process easy by providing you with a powerful tool that ensures the smooth work of your websites, software-defined storage systems, and OS.

Application Monitoring Features and Tools

VirtualMetric offers you a single pane of glass for your applications and a variety of workloads to cover all the mission-critical aspects. Full visibility of your IT stack, sophisticated capacity planning, smart application management, and control. You can create desired state rules and advanced notification actions to monitor your application performance and track health and service issues. Monitor easily different workloads like Microsoft IIS Web Sites, Microsoft IIS Application Pools, or Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).

Application Monitoring Resolves Your Most Common Issues

With application monitoring, you can create service mapping of all owned applications which automatically leads to improved application availability, better application troubleshooting, fast detection of failures and outages, and easily discoverable application-infrastructure dependencies. Quickly find root causes and fix issues promptly, thanks to our in-depth and powerful tools that allow you to have a complete understanding of everything that is happening related to your application’s performance.

Condition-based Alerts and Notifications

VirtualMetric’s Application Monitoring gives you full control over the alerts and notifications in regards to the performance of your applications. You can set certain rules and conditions under which to receive notifications. Thanks to this feature you are able to reduce the unnecessary noise when it comes to tracking the performance of your applications. Set specific rules under which you should be notified and for issues that threaten the entire performance of your infrastructure.

Monitor Unusual Activity

Bandwidth, traffic, data, other network elements – everything is monitored by our application monitoring tool. Although everything with your application might seem to be alright, issues with the abovementioned metrics can cause serious problems and they have to be discovered and resolved immediately. Our tool allows you to have full visibility over the entire process of monitoring the availability of different workloads, applications, and related metrics.

Why Use VirtualMetric Application Monitoring Software?

VirtualMetric’s Application Monitoring software is agentless monitoring, which means that it requires no reboot, no patch, and no installation. It provides you with security monitoring and SSO with Active Directory integration and tracks your infrastructure in real-time (1 seconds intervals for real-time counters with less than 500 milliseconds delay). And the best part is that you can access all the data from your enhanced dashboard for unified virtualization monitoring and tracking.

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