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Leading provider of digital, cloud and advisory services reduced time-to-resolve issues by 1400% with VirtualMetric

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A leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, part of the Microsoft ecosystem, chose VirtualMetric to get critical insights and complete visibility over their cloud environment. With 38,000 professionals in 24 countries, the company is specialized in cloud and application services, managed services, analytics, AI and helps companies to implement the latest technologies to various industries, leveraging the Microsoft platform.

Being responsible for complex private cloud infrastructure means that you should always be healthy and under control in order to host your customers’ solutions properly. This was the case with our customer. The cloud provider’s infrastructure team needed to guarantee that their on-premise production, Test and Dev environments were efficiently performing and any bottlenecks were eliminated timely. The company’s Hyper-V virtualization infrastructure, hosting closely to a PB of data, spread into multiple data centres, needed to be monitored on a close level.

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Monitoring such a big infrastructure meant providing them in-depth visibility of their Hyper-V environment, processes and performance, exceptional support and opportunity for custom features to be developed for the company.

visibility of Hyper-V environmentWith VirtualMetric the customer got a comprehensive monitoring solution. The team could efficiently diagnose any latency issues, apply the needed changes quickly, and ensure they continuously meet the company SLAs and high standards.

Key benefits 

Using VirtualMetric real-time monitoring tools resulted in saving a lot of time and money for the company. This allowed them to focus on their core business instead of losing time on monitoring and reporting. They managed to reduce the budget for infrastructure monitoring by 60%. The migration from a costly and not so easy to use and configure monitoring product to VirtualMetric enabled them to improve performance and reduce the time to resolve issues by 1400%. 

improve performance Keeping Latency Under Control

With VirtualMetric’s Virtualization Monitoring and Change Tracking capabilities, the IT solution provider can easily identify what causes latency issues in just 20 seconds and act upon them. 

Complete Visibility with Heatmaps

Thanks to VirtualMetric Heatmap, the client gets a 360° observability over their IT environment. As a result, they can quickly identify if there is something wrong with the virtual machines that need immediate investigation and reaction.

get a 360° observability Customized Dashboards for the Level 1 Team

The company has built customized dashboards for every team within the infrastructure department. The Level 1 team can check all the vital KPIs like CPU and then run a few clicks’ custom monitoring report. This is an essential power up for the team, which helps them perform better and provide superb customer service.

Less Time Spent on Reporting & Monitoring

The whole engineering team of the company is currently using VirtualMetric on a daily basis. With the previous monitoring solution, the company had to spend a lot of time running reports, writing queries and scripts. With VirtualMetric the reports needed are already pre-built and ready to be used. 

the reports needed Meeting the High-Security Standards 

As a responsible and trusted IT solutions provider for various industries, the customer needs to meet strict security standards. Therefore, they recently added their Security Monitoring into VirtualMetric – Windows Event Logs, Network Events, Syslogs, etc. VirtualMetric’s easy to use interface helped to build complex logic to detect security issues by correlation of Event IDs and Syslog messages. 

Fundamentally Better Support

VirtualMetric is a customer-centric company. Our customer’s requirements and needs are a priority for us. The cloud provider manages a complex environment and was looking not for a standard solution but the one fully fitting to their requirements.

customer’s requirements Ease of Use and Implementation

The team spent a lot of time learning how to do things in their previous monitoring solution. The product was complex and required a lot of additional knowledge. With VirtualMetric’s intuitive interface, this challenge is gone. 

“I would recommend VirtualMetric to any company that runs on-premise infrastructure. It can instantly replace well-known industry names. As long as we have our data centers running, we are going to use VirtualMetric.” –  Manager, Infrastructure Engineering, DCS of the company.

Read the whole success story: ➡ Download 


Antonia ShehovaLeading provider of digital, cloud and advisory services reduced time-to-resolve issues by 1400% with VirtualMetric

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