Advanced database insights for smart and easy management

Databases are a critical aspect for the smooth work of every enterprise application, SaaS or website. Monitoring the database health and performance is vital to avoid software failures, application performance issues and to guarantee the high availability of the services offered. VirtualMetric is your reliable partner when managing big and complex databases. We provide you with a bunch of useful stats and reports, tailored to your needs and facilitating your database management workflow.

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Database Monitoring Features and Tools

The implementation of VirtualMetric’s database monitoring solution allows you to improve the performance of your databases and speed up your applications. We track mission-critical performance counters, allowing you to build the best service. Fast detection of service outages and corrupted files come together with predictive analytics and proactive alerts.

database monitoring Expensive query analysis
database monitoring Blocking query analysis
database monitoring Database auditing
database monitoring Database mirroring support
database monitoring Stored procedure statistics – CPU usage, I/O usage, and many more.
database monitoring Microsoft SQL always-on support
database monitoring System and user errors
database monitoring Buffer Cache statistics
database monitoring Per database CPU, memory, I/O usage

Your top database challenges resolved with a powerful database monitoring software

Ensure the uptime of your websites and applications

Ensure the uptime of your websites and applications

Eliminate database performance issues

Eliminate database performance issues

Find the root cause for any database problem

Find the root cause for any database problem

Ensure enough hardware capacity

Ensure enough hardware capacity for the smooth work of the databases

improve the query performance

Discover the expensive queries and improve the query performance

Track the health

Track the health of the always-on cluster


VirtualMetric VirtualMetric

VirtualMetric’s Evolved Dashboard and Exceptional UX

database monitoring

Why use VirtualMetric database monitoring software?

  • database monitoring Agentless monitoring, no reboot, no patch, no installation required
  • database monitoring Secure monitoring and SSO with Active Directory integration
  • database monitoring Track your infrastructure in real time (1 seconds intervals for real-time counters reports in with less than 500 milliseconds delay)
  • database monitoring Manage easily shared database environments
  • database monitoring Discover the databases with the highest usage and optimize them easily
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