Powerful virtualization monitoring and tracking solution

Your virtualization at a glance with a real-time virtualization monitoring tool

Managing your virtual infrastructure requires advanced IT skills, time and full visibility into every virtual machine and process. VirtualMetric provides you with an advanced monitoring tool to have full control over your enterprise environment, virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Get end-to-end visibility with more than 800 performance metrics. Ensure the smooth work of your virtual machines, hypervisors, and OS.

Virtualization Monitoring Features and Tools

VirtualMetric offers you an advanced list of virtualization monitoring features to cover all the mission-critical aspects of your virtual environment monitoring. Full visibility of your IT stack, sophisticated capacity planning, smart virtualization management, and control. A multi-vendor virtualization monitoring is supported to make it even easier for engineers managing hyper-scale infrastructures and data centers. Monitor everything from VMware ESX/ESXi to Microsoft Hyper-V.

virtualization monitoring CSV/Datastore monitoring
virtualization monitoring Usage statistics per Virtual Disk
virtualization monitoring Disk I/O and latency analysis
virtualization monitoring Console Screen Analysis to detect blue screen on server faults
virtualization monitoring Snapshot reports – full historical track of all snapshots created
virtualization monitoring VM Rightsizing
virtualization monitoring vHBA Reports
virtualization monitoring Zombie VM detection
virtualization monitoring Change tracking of virtual machines, disks, and network configuration

Your top virtualization challenges resolved with a powerful virtualization monitoring software

Ensure the health

Ensure the health of your Virtual Machines

Eliminate performance issues

Eliminate performance issues and prevent downtime

Smart capacity planning

Smart capacity planning

Autodiscovery of the new VMs

Autodiscovery of the new VMs

Proactive alerting

Proactive alerting

Powerful and Customizable Dashboard

Powerful and Customizable Dashboard

Increase your uptime

Increase your uptime Guaranteed High Availability

Predefined reports

Predefined reports to make your job easier


VirtualMetric VirtualMetric

VirtualMetric’s Evolved Dashboard and Exceptional UX


Hyper-V Performance Boost

virtualization monitoring

Why use VirtualMetric virtualization monitoring software?

  • virtualization monitoring Agentless monitoring, no reboot, no patch, no installation required
  • virtualization monitoring Secure monitoring and SSO with Active Directory integration
  • virtualization monitoring Enhanced dashboard for unified virtualization monitoring and tracking
  • virtualization monitoring Track your infrastructure in real time (1 seconds intervals for real-time counters reports in with less than 500 milliseconds delay)
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