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VirtualMetric introduces a large list of performance improvements, usability updates and unique features in its new 2.8.7 Release

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – VirtualMetric, a leading provider of server monitoring and reporting solutions for Hyper-V, Vmware, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, and bare metal, announced its newest release – 2.8.7. The new release of the market leader in the Hyper-V server monitoring comes with a large list of performance improvements, some new and unique features and great improvements in the usability. All these changes will improve the server monitoring of enterprises all around the world and increase the efficiency of cloud and system engineers globally.

The new release of VirtualMetric’s monitoring solution unveils its long-term strategy to provide the most detailed and easy to use monitoring solution on the market. Moreover, the company improves even better the reporting functionalities in the area of its unique competitive advantages – Inventory and Change Tracking.

Let’s dive deeper and learn more about the improvements and the value they bring to you in the new VirtualMetric release:

Improved Monitoring Heatmap

One of the most useful features, which we recommend is VirtualMetric’s Heatmap. It allows you to track the whole infrastructure you manage in only 2-3 seconds. The Heatmap is a visual representation of the current state of all your hosts, using different colors to show the status of each host. With the new release, the Heatmap provides all users even faster speed and better usability.

aws and azure monitoring virtualization heatmap

Removed PermissionCheck from VirtualMetric DB

In the past VirtualMetric was using a permission check for non-admin users. Now, if you would like to give an access to a non-admin user, they will not need to wait to get reports. The service will be almost as fast as for the admin user. This improvement reduces the IO and CPU usage at the backend.


HostGroup/CustomGroup (backend) support for user permissions

VirtualMetric’s users are now able to assign permissions to groups. So if you create a “Software VMs” VM group and write a query like “all VMs which name contains soft”, you will be able to easily assign users to that group. In the future, when a new VM is created, the user will have the access to it automatically.


InventoryCheck moved to API side

In the oldest versions of VirtualMetric monitoring an reporting suite, the process of InventoryCheck was made on the DB side. Now it’s completely in the cache. The value for all of us is fewer queries made and increased resource and infrastructure efficiency. This feature improvement is part of our performance updates.


Custom Link support for the QueryBuilder

In the new “Insight” section, you will be able to set any external or in-dashboard links to any reports’ column.


Y-axis zoom

VirtualMetric is the only Hyper-V reporting software on the market, which provides the users with multi-axis charts. This monitoring feature helps all users to understand their server environment better and analyze it in depth.

Thanks to the multi-axis charts, provided by VirtualMetric you can track the correlation between data like VM I/O latency and VM CPU usage; VM IO Usage, CPU usage, memory, and bandwidth; Number of VMs, Hyper-V I/O Usage, Hyper-V CPU Usage, and much more.

The new slider gives you the ability to zoom on the Y-axis. You can also zoom out with the same slider.

Inventory notifications support to VirtualMetric Observe back-end

The users will be able to create inventory-based notifications. With the next releases, users can expect a completely renewed notifications page to set these alarms. The focus is providing excellent user experience and fast set-up.

Other improvements part of the release are:

  • Re-coded VirtualMetric Trigger – will use fewer resources than now.
  • Automated cluster sync – If there is a new host member in the clusters, VirtualMetric will automatically add it to the monitoring.
  • Bulk edit, reset and action links – VirtualMetric offers more options for multi/bulk editing.
  • Improved HTTP2 and Microsoft Edge support.



VirtualMetric is a monitoring and reporting solution, striving always for excellence. Our strategy is to provide the users with an easy to use and manage server monitoring software, which helps them to improve the infrastructure performance and utilization.

Want to see the changes in the real environment? Just log in our online demo and explore!

vmetricBlogVirtualMetric introduces a large list of performance improvements, usability updates and unique features in its new 2.8.7 Release

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