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VirtualMetric now provides monitoring for AWS and Azure Dedicated Hosts

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AWS and Microsoft Azure are a preferred choice for virtualization and IaaS platforms for many enterprises, SaaS and PaaS all around the globe. The competition between these two platforms looks like more as the clash of the Titans. Many people think that there should be a winner. But In fact, all users are lucky to select the most attractive features from each provider thus enable a multi-cloud strategy.

AWS and Azure offering dedicates hosts

Motivated by the rising demand for security and the wish of companies to use dedicated physical machines, AWS and Azure now offer the option to order a dedicated server. According to Amazon, dedicated hosts are physical servers with EC2 instance capacity fully dedicated to your use. Dedicated Hosts can help you address compliance requirements and reduce costs by allowing you to use your existing server-bound software licenses.

More for the servers offered by Amazon you can read here.

Azure is also following this logical step of development and is currently adding physical servers to its portfolio.

VirtualMetric now can monitor even your Microsoft Azure and AWS!

Offering physical servers means that both AWS and Amazon will have no access to your machine and you will need to take care alone for its health and stability. IT experts, system administrators, and engineers are free to choose the best monitoring solution for ensuring the uptime and stability of their infrastructure. Your enterprise will be able to benefit from all the advantages offered by VirtualMetric. You will be able to proactively monitor your infrastructure and prevent any potential issues.

One of the most useful features, which we recommend to all of you is using our Heatmap to track the whole infrastructure you manage in only 2-3 seconds. You can monitor all performance counters and inventory health on one simple interface. Heatmap gives you quick information about possible performance and hardware issues in real-time.

aws and azure monitoring virtualization heatmap

Fast rates of cloud adoption bring more fears

In VirtualMetric we understand all the benefits users experience when choosing AWS or Azure – flexibility, scalability, high availability. The fast rates of cloud adoption push organizations to constantly increase the size of their virtualizations. This leads to the fact that organizations are continually in fear of competitive disadvantage and not falling behind. Moreover, companies’ biggest fears are downtime, infrastructure problems, which are late detected, performance issues, malware and online attacks and more and more.

Proactive monitoring eliminates enterprises’ fears

In a world full of fears, VirtualMetric is here to help you calm down and relax in your chair. The smart real-time monitoring solution, provided by VirtualMetrics monitor all your hardware and inventory. Thanks to our proactive alerting, you are protected and have the freedom to focus on your core tasks.

What can VirtualMetric do for your AWS and Azure dedicated hosts?

  • Realtime reports and statistics refreshed in less than a second;
  • Proactive alerting – don’t wait for the troubles, prevent them!
  • Agentless monitoring – no installations and time loss.
  • Inventory Reports
  • Operating System Reports
  • Virtual Memory Reports
  • VMware Tools Reports
  • vHBA Reports and more.

VirtualMetric takes only 150 MB of memory, 4 Kbps of bandwidth and 15 MB of disk space per host within your environment.  Want to know more? Schedule a live demo with our tech experts! Write us to [email protected]!

vmetricBlogVirtualMetric now provides monitoring for AWS and Azure Dedicated Hosts

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