Real time infrastructure monitoring, smart tracking and inventory reporting solution.

Introduction to VirtualMetric – smart, easy and real time infrastructure monitoring

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VirtualMetric is a secure real time infrastructure monitoring solution, which enables you to easily manage your software and hardware assets. Our main target is to facilitate the daily work of all system engineers, architects, administrators and IT managers. For that reason er give them a powerful tracking and reporting tool and full control over their infrastructure.

We crafted our monitoring solution with the main target to combine many different inventory monitoring stats on a single dashboard. Thus we enable you to track every single change on your environment and troubleshoot easily problems.

Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS monitoring

VirtualMetric is an agentless reporting software for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, Bare Metal. It monitors your hosts and clusters to provide you with detailed statistics and sophisticated reports. By using our solution all our customers get complete visibility on all infrastructure processes and environment changes. They achieve this due to VirtualMetric’s pre-configured more than 650 performance counters and detailed inventory scannings.

Real time monitoring – one of our biggest strengths

Unlike most of our competitors we believe that the real time monitoring brings great value to all IT managers and engineers. Moreover being able to see live every single action which takes place within your infrastructure helps you to detect early issues and prevent disasters.

VirtualMetric collects data across your entire IT environment and notifies you for important events.Our infrastructure monitoring solution tracks processors, memory, disk and network counters in real time. In addition you can select more than one counter with different units and you can view them on same chart. You can filter Host Groups, Clusters or Hosts to monitor specific Hosts.

Real time infrastructure monitoring

Inventory Monitoring

In a constantly changing environment where a wealth of data is available, enterprises often lack the right information. For a smooth decision making process, the availability of high-quality inventory monitoring is essential. While most of our competitors keep track only of the hardware assets, we are among the few one who track the actual state if your inventory.

VirtualMetric provides detailed inventory reports including change tracking, event logs, file changes, firewall and security log, tCP connections, hotfixes, etc. Moreover you see a detailed report of everything what happens on the server – applications, running, services, etc.

As part of our sophisticated infrastructure monitoring solution, the inventory monitoring is of great value especially for big enterprises with complex IT environment.

Agentless monitoring solution, easy to manage and work with

We uses PowerShell to collect usage data from VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL and IIS hosts. It is an agentless infrastructure monitoring solution, which does not require any agent on hosts or guests. VirtualMetric doesn’t require any 3rd party softwares. IIS and SQL Server are only requirements to get started. Our innovative reporting design is also clean and smooth on Android, Apple and Windows mobile phones and touch screen tablets as well. VirtualMetric uses beautiful pie chart diagrams to show you how much system resource is in used at target system.

Our Architecture

All VirtualMetric components work on Windows platform and uses Microsoft technologies that you are already familiar with.

More for our architecture you can find on our Documentation page.

How to start with VirtualMetric?

In fact starting with VirtualMetric infrastructure monitoring is more than simple. Download our free trial and start enjoying the benefits of a quality monitoring solution!

vmetricBlogIntroduction to VirtualMetric – smart, easy and real time infrastructure monitoring

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