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Comprehensive multi-OS server monitoring. Get insight into your servers’ health, performance, and utilization.



Full-Stack Windows Server Monitoring

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Comprehensive real-time agentless Linux infrastructure monitoring suite

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Advanced Unix monitoring solution

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OS Performance Monitoring

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Powerful and Easy to Use Server Monitoring and Management Tool

Server monitoring is a critical aspect of managing your IT business. Businesses today are managing a steadily growing infrastructure to ensure the performance and reliability of their own or end-user applications. Having full insights into your environment is vital. Using a real-time all-in-one server monitoring solution is helping you to achieve optimal performance, prevent outages or downtime, and resolve fast all issues.

Get complete visibility over your servers with the best server monitoring solution. Plan your capacity, ensure constant availability, monitor your servers and manage them effortlessly.

Tailored to your
software stack

Multi-OS Server Monitoring

Reporting for multi-vendor server hardware within a single console. Track key health metrics and performance for a range of physical servers including Dell, HP, IBM, SuperMicro, etc., as well as web servers.

reporting to

Keep critical metrics under control

VirtualMetric Server Monitoring suite is tracking 800+ server performance counters to ensure your servers uptime, excellent performance, and reliability. We take care of your business’s high availability and growth with an advanced and proactive server monitoring solution. On a single dashboard, you track all critical metrics like CPU and memory utilization, disk usage, network stats, services and processes.

Customizable Dashboard
and Heatmap for

Instant Visibility From a Single Source

Your whole IT stack at a glance. VirtualMetric supports multi-platform and multi-vendor monitoring for your IT environment. Detailed inventory combined with change tracking and performance analysis. 24/7 live monitoring and reporting of the hardware and virtualization layer. Take control and detect early faults. Set up smart alerts and be notified in case of a problem within your infrastructure.

Comprehensive Log

Prevent Any Possible Downtime

Every event inside your infrastructure must be logged – either due to the requirements of your own business or due to security and compliance requirements. System engineers want to know everything happening within their servers, virtual machines, virtualization, and applications, but this results in having tons of data to analyze. VirtualMetric tracks all the events in your infrastructure and transforms them into user-friendly charts and graphics.

BUtilization and
Forecasting Reports

Better Capacity Planning

Use VirtualMetric’s reports and statistics to plan carefully your capacity. Thanks to the agentless live monitoring you know at every moment how much capacity you use. Take decisions easily if you need to expand your system capacity. Identify if there are unutilized parts of your system and increase the overall efficiency. VirtualMetric helps you to optimize resource usage and create fast expansion forecasts and plans.

Smart Alerts and
Notifications to

Prevent Issues Before They Affect Users

Be the first who will know if an issue occurs on your servers. Prevent any possible situation before it gets critical and affects your users.

VirtualMetric provides a smart recursive alarming system, which alerts you at the moment something happens. No matter where you are and on every device, you will get a notification via email or SMS.

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