LIVE WEBINAR | 20 DECEMBER 2023 | 10.00 a.m. CET

Mastering VM Efficiency - Smart Right-Sizing and Savvy Cost Optimization Strategies

What you’ll discover

  • Right-sizing like a pro: Learn the art of fine-tuning your VMs to your business’s heartbeat. We’re talking cutting costs and boosting performance – that’s what we all want, right? 

  • Resource detective work: Uncover the secrets to spotting VMs that are either slacking off or sweating too much. We’ll show you how to get them just right. 

  • Ghost VM buster: Ghost VMs haunting your resources? Not anymore! We’ve got some tips for identifying and dealing with ghost VMs that are consuming resources without providing value. 

  • Green and mean machines: Find out how smart VM optimization isn’t just good for your bottom line, but it’s also a high-five to our planet. Sustainability meets efficiency – it’s a win-win! 

  • Real-World succes stories: Discover how industry leaders like Turk Telekom achieved remarkable results. 

Can’t attend? No worries.

If you’re unable to attend the live webinar, you can still register, and we’ll send you a recording  afterwards.

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About this webinar 

Welcome to the dynamic world of IT management, where staying on top of your VM game is key. With costs on the rise and the complexities of VM management turning into a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, it’s crucial to not just keep up but stay ahead. That’s where our live webinar comes in – think of it as your GPS through the maze of VM optimization. Perfect for IT and Operations honchos – OPS managers, developer team leads, and infrastructure gurus – looking to polish their VM management strategies and drive efficiency like a boss. 


Be curious, ask away! 

Got questions? Great, because our product specialists are all geared up to answer them in our interactive Q&A session. It’s your chance to ask, learn, and maybe even challenge us a bit!

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