Terms & Conditions

License Agreement

Below you can download our License Agreement. This document outlines the terms under which you can use our software and provides important legal information regarding your rights and obligations. Understanding this agreement is essential to ensure compliance and a smooth user experience.



Annex 1: Product Description Document

The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of the capabilities that VirtualMetric’s platform provides. The intent is to inform about the structure of the platform, its components and how they relate to each other, as well as operational information.



Annex 2: Service Level Agreement (SLA)

To ensure you are fully informed about the service levels we provide, please download our Service Level Agreement (SLA). This agreement details the standards you can expect from VirtualMetric’s services, as well as our commitments regarding availability, support, and performance metrics. Understanding the SLA is crucial for a successful partnership and service experience.



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