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Are you a designer that loves to create outstanding products? You love going beyond what is thought possible? You are up for being truly innovative and disrupting an entire market? 

Why we need you 

Hi, it is a pleasure to meet you. We are looking for someone who loves to think creatively, who is not afraid of exploring the boundaries of what is possible. We are at the beginning of our journey to create a platform that will change how companies run their IT.  

For us, the user is at the center of everything, our founder himself was (and is) a user, and we strive to bring the best user experience to our customers. We know that this does not come easy, the IT world is complex, and many separate roles are involved. The workflows are complex and managing risk is on everyone’s mind. 

We want to ensure that what we build excites our users and helps them to be more efficient in their work. For that, we are looking for someone to establish design as a discipline within VirtualMetric, in close alignment with both engineering and product management. We appreciate the breath and complexity of your craft and would love to have someone on our team who can balance creativity and the need for structure. We are here for the long run and want to create something that lasts. 

Some of the things we need your expertise on 

Let us share a few details on what that means for a Product Designer. We work with the triple diamond approach, and consider (Product) Discovery key to our success. That said, we are a smaller company and cherish a “fail fast, learn fast” approach. Some of the things you will take on are: 

  • User-Centric Design: You will lead the design process from concept to implementation, ensuring a user-centric approach that prioritizes the needs and preferences of our target audience. You will align the design process with product discovery and the development phases. 
  • Design Execution: You will produce high-quality designs, wireframes, prototypes, and user flows. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring design concepts to life. 
  • Prototyping and Testing: You will drive early validation of design concepts and iterate based on user feedback. 
  • UX Research: You will help establish a habit of continuous, qualitative user research that allows us to learn faster and validate more often. 


What you ideally bring to the table are experiences from similar situations: 

  • We are operating in a Business-to-Business (B2B) model, ideally you have spent several years working for software companies in the enterprise B2B space. 
  • We are a startup, our strength is that we operate with a small team. Ideally you have worked in product teams and have actively contributed to mature their way of working. 
  • We know our user and we know the space, because of the complexity we are still dealing with a high degree of uncertainty. You are not only comfortable with it but have been in similar situation and found ways to deal with it. 
  • You have a drive to continuously learn and improve. We would love to hear how you have gotten to where you are and what you are planning to dive into next.
  • You enjoy working in a multinational and multi-cultural environment. 
  • An obvious one: full proficiency in English, written and verbal.  

What you can expect from us 

We are a small team of about 20 people, located in Turkey and the Netherlands. We already have customers in several countries, and their number is growing. We are keeping our team small and our velocity high. We have big plans but know that the key to success is to iterate fast. 

We love to see everyone happy and fulfilled, only together as a team we can achieve remarkable things. We believe in collaboration being the key to keeping the pace high. 

  • We are honest & transparent – We call things what they are, no sugarcoating. 
  • We honor our commitments – We say what we do and do what we say. 
  • We are curious – We love testing and even pushing boundaries, there is nothing that cannot be challenged. 
  • We are pragmatic – Great is the enemy of good, there is a time to think, and a time to act. 
  • We are evidence guided – There is no 100% certainty, but we let proof guide our decisions. 

We believe that true collaboration can only excel when you have built trust, and what is better than to do this in person. This means that this is a hybrid position; we meet in our Amsterdam office 2 days a week. The rest of the days are flexible. 

Additionally, we provide a good, startup-style package consisting of: 

  • A commitment to your career by keeping the conversation central to your growth 
  • Dedicated learning and support to stimulate your growth
  • Become a shareholder of VirtualMetric in share in our success
  • 25 days of holidays to take time to recharge your batteries 
  • Not a morning person? We provide flexible work hours
  • Laptop and other equipment to make sure you are fully set up to work 

What happens next 

Ready to embark on that journey with us? Fantastic! Just hit the “Apply” and we will be in touch shortly. Please make sure you share your portfolio as well; we would love to see your past work. 

After having the first conversation, you will meet other members of our team. We collaborate closely, and often, and we all need to be comfortable working with each other. We are particularly curious about past challenges you ran into and how you have overcome them.  

The last step will be an invitation to one of our product meetings at our office. Rather than asking you to create some example assignment, why not just dive into the significant issues at hand? We will spend time together to progress one of our most challenging problems and then decide together if we are a fit. 

Do you still have questions? Simply reach out to [email protected], or find me on LinkedIn. 

VirtualMetric is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or gender identity.

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