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VirtualMetric helps enterprises to cover ITIL and ISO27001 Certification

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VirtualMetric is a proven solution, helping companies all around the globe to cover ITIL and ISO27001 сertification and ensure a smooth change management process. Тhanks to its sophisticate Change Tracking solution and real-time monitoring companies around the globe can ensure the health and stability of their infrastructure.

ITIL Change management – ensures infrastructure stability and enterprises’ agility

ITIL change management is a process designed to improve infrastructure stability, ensure its health and the service quality as well as the enterprises’ agility. It helps companies to organize perfectly the process of change management and to minimize the risks of it. Proper implementation of ITIL is crucial in improving the service delivered and it is quality. It is of major importance for entities like banks and financial organizations and successfully implemented in Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, etc. Thanks to VirtualMetric and its sophisticated Change Tracking functionality for the complete inventory of the servers, banks like the above mentioned can easily cover their ITIL certification needs.

Change Tracking solutions – help you to prevent people and process fails

According to research made by Gartner Group, 80% of unplanned downtime was caused by people and process issues. If we dive deeper this can be divided into two types of situations:

  • Process fails – when the internal change management process was bypassed or executed wrong. As an example, 98% of security breaches to virtual systems are a result of configuration errors.
  • People fails – when a change was not planned, implemented incorrectly or a person was not aware of changes within the infrastructure made by other people. According to IDC human error is the single largest source of outages, causing nearly 60% of overall infrastructure downtime

To avoid risks like downtime or fails, formalized Change Management process together with a Change Tracking solution is vital.  They will maximize the effectiveness of any change while minimizing potential problems resulting from a configuration change being made.

VirtualMetric is helping banks and financial organizations to cover ITIL

As we work with petabytes of data, tracking the changes in the old school way using Excel sheets and emails is more than unacceptable and not competitive with the enterprises’ high standards. In this situation, VirtualMetric is helping companies all around the globe by providing them with detailed reports and statistics. We track every single change in your environment to keep you updated about undesired updates. You will never miss any software, hardware, service or configuration updates anymore. VirtualMetric gives you perfect insight into your environment by collecting all inventory information from your Host and compare the changes with previous inventory scanning.

The final result – full control over the infrastructure and avoiding any risks or problems. In addition to this, you will achieve increased service quality and better customer satisfaction.

Change Tracking and Management – a must if you want to be ISO 27001 certified.

ISO/IEC 27000 standard helps organizations keep information assets secure. It proves the organizations’ capability to effectively manage the security of assets. ISO 27001:2013 has in Annex A the control “A.12.1.2 Change management,” which requires that changes to the organization, business processes, information processing facilities, and systems that affect information security are controlled. VirtualMetric’s Change Tracking functionality together with the built-in Forensic analysis is helping you to easily cover this requirement.

vmetricBlogVirtualMetric helps enterprises to cover ITIL and ISO27001 Certification

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