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Performance Monitoring with Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications by VirtualMetric

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Managing hundreds of servers and thousands of hosts can be a hard task. You need to hold everything under control and be sure your environment is working smooth and without interruptions. Running a complex IT environment is connected with a constant monitoring of a lot of components – physical servers, CPU, RAM, IOPS, backups, storage, networking, etc. In such a situation, even the most complex dashboard or advanced monitoring solution cannot guarantee that all the components are 100% healthy and work efficiently. The reason for this is that if something happens, your infrastructure needs your skillful administrators and engineers to take immediate actions.

VirtualMetric is introducing Smart Alerts and Query-based Notifications. With our smart Alerts and Notifications, you will be notified in case of an issue within your infrastructure occurs, a component is not working as expected or there is a threat to the system.  The Smart Notifications and Query-based Alarms are an advanced tool, tailored for the sophisticated needs of cloud engineers managing enterprise infrastructure. The intelligent server alerting system is designed to improve the availability and to reduce the time-to-resolution of a problem within your company.

Have you ever been lost in notifications?

Most of the monitoring products on the market are set up to send you notifications if there is a performance problem within your infrastructure. In such a situation, whenever there is a problem or a component is in a critical state, you are receiving a large amount of email or SMS notifications.  Imagine the situation you have a network switch down. With other monitoring products, you will receive hundreds of notifications for all of the devices not working behind the switch.

Working in this way is not really easy, isn’t it?

Setting up only one rule for a notification trigger is not efficient and creates a frustration in many cloud and system engineers. The reason for this is that they are receiving a huge amount of notifications. And the amount of stress is growing and growing. Moreover, if you want to set up a specific condition, it needs to be a critical state. And sometimes waiting until this moment can be crucial.

VirtualMetric is eliminating the flood of unnecessary notifications and keeps you focused on the most important things. Take care only for the critical and most impactful issues on your infrastructure.

Smart Alerts and Query-based Notifications by VirtualMetric

At VirtualMetric we care for your infrastructure stability and performance. The enhanced monitoring and reporting Dashboard is tracking more than 700 performance counters to ensure the smooth work of your servers. Now we are adding query-based notifications and alerts. By using our advanced notifications system you are able to set up your own rules. Get a notification based on your own preferences and in a preferred way. Analyze easily the notifications by using our advanced visualizations and charts.

Are you curious? Just log in our online demo and check how easy it is to set up the Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications.

Active Hours

It would not be suitable to receive hundreds of emails or tens of messages on your phone at 2 am for an alert with a low level of importance. With VirtualMetric’s Alerts and Query-based Notifications you can set your active hours in the Notification settings. In this way, you can fine tune to maximum your experience with the alarms and notifications. On the other hand, if you have a really critical component to monitor, you can receive short messages on your phone no matter if you are out of working hours. Be sure your servers are up and running!

Severity Levels

Some changes or issues on your servers or virtual machines are more important than other. In the Alerts and Notifications admin menu, we have created four levels of severity – critical, high, medium and low. Depending on the severity level, you can set up different types of alarms to different people. Automated alerts are essential to monitoring. Setting up severity levels help you to solve issues by their importance and priority.

Planned Downtime

In case you need to restart your servers or have planned a maintenance, which will lead to a downtime, you can set it up in VirtualMetric. In this way, the system will not send any notifications for the period of the maintenance. A smart solution if you have already been in a situation making maintenance and receiving hundreds of emails for a server down. In case you are planning a maintenance next Friday from 02 am to 04 am, you just set up this information in VirtualMetric and all notifications will be disabled.

Linked Conditions

VirtualMetric enables you to set up alarms, based on complex conditions. You can add several conditions to a rule. Depending on your setup, if you add multiple conditions with AND or OR, you will receive notifications if all conditions or at least one of them is met. In addition, you can add groups of rules.

Automatic issue resolution

Create easily event-based rules with dependencies. Some issues in your infrastructure may occur for a short period and then just disappear. For example, an administrator can make a mistake when trying to log in a server and then log in successfully. But you will definitely want to be notified if there are more than 5 denied authentication requests. In the first case, you will not receive a notification, but in the second case you will be alerted and will take actions.

VirtualMetric Alerts and Query-based Notifications are a flexible and centralized notification system, which unlock the operational potential of your team. Make the work of your IT team easier and more efficient. Be sure your infrastructure is working perfectly and resolve all issues fast and easy.

Start benefiting from VirtualMetric’s Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications requesting a 30-day free trial here.

vmetricBlogPerformance Monitoring with Smart Alerts and Query-Based Notifications by VirtualMetric

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