Real time infrastructure monitoring, smart tracking and inventory reporting solution.

VirtualMetric monitoring solution is helping banks and financial organizations to ensure the health of their infrastructure and protect from cyber-attacks

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Banks and financial institutions are the most attractive sectors for fraud activities, attacks and security threads from both inside and outside. Statistics from 2017 shows that this sector is breaking all the breach records in comparison to other industries. Banks suffer and average of 85 attempted serious cyber-attacks a year, and one-third are successful. VirtualMetric – a smart infrastructure monitoring solution, tailored for the needs of banks and financial organizations is detecting the early indicators of data breaches, malware, frauds, hardware and software problems. Thus to its sophisticated SIEM capabilities and proactive alerting, banks and financial institution around the globe can dramatically decrease the risks for their infrastructure stability, data security and end users’ operations.

Realtime monitoring for the needs of enterprises

According to system and cloud engineers, VirtualMetric is the most feature-rich monitoring solution for Hyper-V on the market. Together with its realtime monitoring for VMware and Microsoft environment it is proved to be a perfect fit for enterprises and financial institutions running mission critical processes and needing 24/7 monitoring and high level of security.

ITIL and ISO Certification for banks and financial organizations

VirtualMetric’s monitoring solution help organizations simplify and unify monitoring of different areas – servers, storage, databases, networks, etc. Moreover it provides Change Tracking for the complete inventory of the servers and is capable to cover the ITIL certification needs of banks alike Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America. The Change Tracking functionality together with the built in Forensic analysis are helping banks also to cover and comply with the ISO/IEC 27000 standard for information assets security.

By using VirtualMetric administrators can prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks. Moreover they can identify the cause of a security problem and develop a solution to prevent it from happening again. The final result is full control over the infrastructure and avoiding any risks or problems. In addition to this – increased service quality and better customer satisfaction!

Legacy forms of security are not enough

A good realtime monitoring solution like VirtualMetric, can solve three of the biggest challenges in the financial industry – maintaining compliance with regulations, tracking fraudulent activity and distinguish it from normal behaviour, eliminating vulnerabilities and preventing devastating breaches.

Legacy forms of security are no longer enough to ensure the health of the infrastructure and virtualization with the financial industry. These organizations need a new way of monitoring activity and correlating data so that it can be analysed, interpreted and acted upon. This is what VirtualMetric is providing to the global market.

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vmetricBlogVirtualMetric monitoring solution is helping banks and financial organizations to ensure the health of their infrastructure and protect from cyber-attacks

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