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How to decide between cloud and on-premise infrastructure monitoring solution

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The infrastructure monitoring solutions no matter on-premise infrastructure monitoring software or hosted monitoring solutions are undoubtedly a must-have component for today’s modern enterprise IT stack. However, companies need to choose whether to use a cloud monitoring software or an on-premise monitoring tool. Deciding between on-premise or hosted infrastructure monitoring is an easy task if you evaluate in advance all the factors and dependencies. 

Do you want to install and manage your infrastructure tracking software on-site? Or would you rather host it in the cloud? This article will help you evaluate the options and make the right choice based on your company’s specifics and needs.

The growing demand for IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) Solutions

With the acceleration of global digitalization and the growing demand for infrastructure, ITIM solutions become a must for every organization. No matter if you are a data center, a public cloud provider or you are managing your internal IT environment, you need to keep a close eye on its performance and secure reliability. The key drivers for the growth in the usage of infrastructure monitoring solutions according to Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools are the digital business, IoT, multi-cloud adoption, and growing demand for AIOps platforms.

System administrators in the digital business domain need to ensure their infrastructure utilization in order to keep the business costs low. They also must analyze infrastructure and database performance in order to ensure exceptional UX for the end customer. And these targets can be achieved easier by using the data intelligence generated by virtualization and database monitoring solutions.

IoT, on the other hand, generates huge volumes of data, which needs to be analyzed and monitored constantly. Further, the data is used to monitor the performance of the devices themselves and to capture data from the environment where they are deployed. And this enormous amount of data cannot be analyzed without a monitoring solution, which can simplify the data and transform it into easy to understand and manage charts and reports.

In the new-age, IT enterprises adopt the multi-cloud strategy. Companies manage a complex combination of their own infrastructure, cloud instances, and remote data centers. In this scenario, they also need a single platform for complete visibility over their hybrid IT environment and a single source of truth when optimizing it.

Last but not least, the growing demand for smart infrastructure monitoring tools is caused by the rapid development of AIOps platforms. ITIM provides a valuable data acquisition function across multiple OT architectures to feed the AIOps platforms, according to Gartner analysts.

As the need for monitoring software is huge, companies come to the logical question “How to decide between cloud and on-premise infrastructure monitoring solution?”.

Why using a cloud/hosted monitoring solution?

The biggest benefit of a cloud-based monitoring solution is its easier to start and the fact that you will trust a monitoring expert or managed service provider to take control of everything. You do not care for installations, management, and configuration. Usually, the cloud-based model is suitable for SMEs and companies preferring the freedom to scale at any moment. It is a lightweight, but still full-featured version of your monitoring solution.

Cloud/Hosted infrastructure monitoring solutions


The advantages of using a hosted monitoring solution are:

Ready to use in minutes

When you implement a hosted monitoring software you decrease dramatically the time-to-use. No installations and configurations are needed. With smart agentless monitoring solutions, you just type the IP addresses of the devices you want to monitor and get immediate access to the reports and statistics.

Reduced workload

The biggest advantage is that you need to take care of your infrastructure only and not for the monitoring solution itself. With the cloud version, you have ensured reliability and high availability of the product. All the updates, upgrades, and maintenance are done on the vendor side.

Pay-as-you-grow model 

Different infrastructure solutions are charged on a different model – per server, per instance, etc. When you use a cloud or SaaS solution, you pay only for what you use. You can start small with monitoring a single cluster and expand smoothly in time online.

Instant scalability

Wherever you need to add more devices to be monitored or a new cluster or side, you just upgrade seamlessly online. No need to wait for a salesperson to send you a new quote or the team to upgrade the solution. Add your new devices instantly and start getting data intelligence.

The implementation of a hosted monitoring solution requires zero operational effort and ensures a fast onboarding process. It has no maintenance costs for your team and brings all of the benefits of the SaaS model and rented solutions.


Why using an on-premise monitoring solution?

If you are a large enterprise and need to follow strict compliance rules, or you just manage sensitive data, you may want to have the monitoring solution on-premise hosted within your own infrastructure. This scenario is highly recommended for banks and financial institutions, companies managing large internal infrastructure, and organizations with a dedicated internal monitoring team. 

On-premise infrastructure monitoring

When deploying an on-premise monitoring software you install the solution in your data center and take the responsibility for its maintenance and setup. However, this model also has a bunch of benefits:

High level of control 

On-premise monitoring services provide full control and a high level of customization. You can configure the product in a way it fully matches your organizational processes and standards.

Control over data security 

This is a key aspect if your company is handling sensitive information like financial info or health records for example. Even though the security of public clouds is high, you may want to keep your data on your own servers and accessible only within your organization.


Many organizations follow strict regulations and are not allowed to use systems or products which are hosted outside of their own environment. If you are one of them, the on-premise monitoring solution is your only way to go.

Although it may look like a big investment in licenses in the beginning, the costs for an on-premise solution after the third year is the same and even lower than paying for a monthly SaaS model.

Better bandwidth utilization 

Sending monitoring data to the cloud when using an on-premise solution can be an issue for large organizations. When you monitor 20-30 servers, collecting data, and sending it to the cloud may not be problematic and will not consume a lot of bandwidth. But when you need to monitor a large infrastructure with lots of devices and gather metrics from all of them, this consumes a huge amount of internal network bandwidth. Internal bandwidth is not a problem for an organization but using the bandwidth of the uplink for sending that data to cloud monitoring solution might be too much.


VirtualMetric eliminates the drawbacks of standard on-premise monitoring solutions

In our work with international enterprises, which require to use an on-premise monitoring solution, we have managed to find the right path to ensure simplicity. Typically on-premise monitoring software is connected with certain drawbacks like installation complexity and costs. At VirtualMetric we know that companies need to be focused on the management of their own infrastructure and not the management of its monitoring. For this reason, we provide professional services to help you accelerate the implementation of your monitoring suite and the onboarding of your team.

Devices Monitoring VirtualMetricVirtualMetric is a fully agentless product, which makes it even better to use. Our team has the expertise and in-depth technology know-how to help you customize your monitoring solution, build the reports you need and organize your monitoring dashboards in the right way.

With VirtualMetric you get complete visibility over your distributed infrastructure in the right way! Get advantage of data intelligence and utilize better your infrastructure, improve reliability and efficiency!


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