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Scaling your IT Monitoring Solution: Complete Guide

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Regularly, every company experiences growth in some form or the other. As it grows in every direction, there is an increase in the number of challenges for the IT department. In effect, it is imperative to be able to scale your IT monitoring solution. The idea is to make IT infrastructure monitoring easy and smooth

Scaling Your IT Monitoring Solution: Important Considerations

While scaling your IT monitoring solution, it is imperative to keep growth and its potential opportunities in mind. Thus, here are some of the important considerations that can help you scale your IT monitoring solution while preparing for growth, in both organic and acquisition-based facets.

  • Security 

Growth is an essential component of any company. In this regard, the growth for any organization usually refers to an increase in the number of employees. For the IT team, this is a direct indicator of the presence of new hires within the group. As the headcount increases, the need for stricter security measures also goes up. 

security measures

This paves the way for more compliance requirements, security, and audit trails to ensure smooth operations, minimizing threats. While scaling your IT operations, it is imperative to monitor the accesses of the different users within the IT system. This is where a good security product comes into the picture. 

The need of the hour is a tool that can effectively check that the right users get the right kind of access and permissions in the IT infrastructure monitoring solution. Besides, for scalable solutions, it is also a good idea to keep tabs on user logins and also changes in the account configuration

The tool can build an audit trail that is accessible to the managers for review from time to time. This provides a more holistic envelope during scalability testing. This would also include the tool bringing in new strategies to deal with the rising demands for the services. 

  • Increased devices 

Growth brings in new devices to the table. As the IT headcount increases, the number of devices within the system also increases. Each of these devices has different security and compliance requirements. This also means that the core IT team has more number of devices to track and monitor

devices to track and monitor

Initially, when you set up the system and get started, you might be dealing with only a few devices within the network. But as you grow and go up the ladder, you effectively add more departments and roles within the company. This brings in more apps, devices, widgets, and other tools within the network

The best way forward from here is to choose a solution that can create a scalable network within the system. A flexible monitoring system thus comes in handy in this scenario. This gives your organization the flexibility to implement different technological solutions and include new tools within the system without having to worry about IT monitoring challenges. 

A dynamic infrastructure monitoring tool can help you adjust to new tools and technology and does not  stay fixated on the conventional tools alone. Thus, it is imperative to keep in mind the scope for the addition of new technology and tools while choosing a good IT monitoring software. 

  • Locations 

The next most important factor to keep in mind while dealing with IT infrastructure monitoring is location. You might have started out in one particular location with the company, but as the organization grows in future, their footprint also increases on a global scale

While this is an absolute positive from an organizational growth perspective, it calls attention to extreme security measures that can cater to requirements across locations. This means the IT infrastructure has to be monitored and tracked from different operation points for the company. 

Infrastructure Locations

Along with that, the system might be employing customized network architecture with varying scaling requirements. All of those factors need to be borne in mind while taking up IT infrastructure monitoring concepts. This is why the product that you choose should have capabilities to create backups for the IT infrastructure while monitoring it. 

Along with that, the tool should also be able to cater to different system architecture and support different kinds of devices and models. Also, it should be dynamic enough to accommodate new locations being added on to the organizational map. This adds an extra layer of protection for every site lest there are anomalies coming up. 

In addition, the perfect IT monitoring solution can collate data from different devices across multiple locations to present it in one central platform. This should help the users visualize the data from all the locations and have a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure network. 

  • Further growth 

The best time to scale your IT infrastructure monitoring system is when the organization is experiencing steady growth. This is when the network is undergoing a lot of changes within the system and is exposed to changes. The idea is to build a flexible tool that can cater to all these changes. 

Apart from the usual growth opportunities, the tool should be able to accommodate more changes in the future. A static tool is not desirable in the context of a growing IT infrastructure monitoring system. A status tool can’t accommodate future growth opportunities for the company.

IT monitoring systems growth

For scalability testing of IT monitoring solutions, the best option would be to get a tool that can adapt to the individual requirements of the system and the organization. It should also be dynamic enough to accommodate regular growth opportunities in the future. 

In this context, VirtualMetric is a useful infrastructure monitoring tool that can cater to inventory reporting, change tracking and monitoring. It is a simple and easy to use software that is easy to deploy with a host of advanced features to take care of all IT monitoring needs. 

It is scalable and can factor in current and future growth opportunities for the organization. VirtualMetric provides a free trial period of 30 days within which you can test the full length of its features. It is easy to set up. You can insert basic information and get started in under 2 minutes!

Olga BurnaevaScaling your IT Monitoring Solution: Complete Guide

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