November 2020

How to Use Monitoring Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

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Data-driven decision-making is a method based on identifying and analyzing critical metrics and figures to gain insights about key issues and produce a workable solution. An essential aspect of this decision-making process is monitoring analytics that serves to quantify the performance of interconnected systems and resources for enhanced performance visibility and informed decision-making.

The rise of data-driven decision-making systems has resulted in the need for a comprehensive monitoring analytics system for IT professionals that offers a variety of monitoring analytics tools that provide key insights into complex systems’ long-term performance. Companies can use data, tracked and evaluated by specialized software to make superior business decisions regarding various operations.

Olga BurnaevaHow to Use Monitoring Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making
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Key Network Monitoring Challenges Every Remote Team Faces

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Remote teams are not a new concept. Several organizations have been outsourcing development and support tasks to nearshore and offshore bases for more than a decade. And remote working is gradually increasing given the benefits it gives, like high productivity levels, lower costs, and access to a global talent pool.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, virtual teams and remote working have truly become mainstream and are being embraced by both employers and employees alike. But with such a rapid shift towards remote work culture poses its challenges despite it being the need of the hour. 

Companies had little time to set up the necessary networking infrastructure and efficient processes to facilitate a smooth workflow and productivity. In this article, we will explain such key network monitoring challenges and give you suggestions on how you can tackle them efficiently with network monitoring software. Read on.

Olga BurnaevaKey Network Monitoring Challenges Every Remote Team Faces
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VirtualMetric Launches Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

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Monitoring your infrastructure is crucial for your applications, workloads and business as a whole. As a company, VirtualMetric believes that our solutions need to constantly evolve and follow your needs. Now we are happy to present the latest addition to your monitoring suite – Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring. Get advantage of agentless RHEV monitoring and tracking for your Red Hat virtual infrastructures. We guarantee complete visibility over the RHEV hypervisor and RHEV guest VMs to improve the real-time performance of the mission-critical services in the RHEV cluster.

What is Red Hat Virtualization?

Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV) is an enterprise virtualization platform supporting key virtualization workloads including resource-intensive and mission-critical applications, built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, KVM and fully supported by Red Hat. The platform is a stable foundation allowing you to virtualize resources, applications and processes and strep into the cloud-native future. As an enterprise-class virtualization platform, RHEV comes with the promises for achieving performance, resilience and security. It supports enterprise virtualization based on over 10 years of innovation with KVM and oVirt. Moreover, the Red Hat Virtualization comes with the promise of a wide range of features like scalability, security, and a wide compatibility list with cloud software stacks. According to Red Hat itself, their virtualization is the ultimate way to virtualize your data center more efficiently thanks to the following advantages:

Olga BurnaevaVirtualMetric Launches Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring
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Security Monitoring: 10 things you need to check right now

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One of the most crucial aspects of network monitoring is security monitoring. Security breaches are more common now than ever before. The whole integrity of your network is at stake if even one node gets attacked. 

This is why it’s vital that businesses rely on a central network security software that continuously monitors the effectiveness of the security measures in place.

Having network security tools is just a small part of the bigger picture. You should look out for the following 10 things to ensure that the solution you have can protect you from cyber-attacks from all fronts. 

Olga BurnaevaSecurity Monitoring: 10 things you need to check right now
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VirtualMetric and CloudLand helping SMEs to solve top IT challenges during the pandemic

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VirtualMetric — the all-in-one monitoring solution provider and CloudLand — one of the leading IT distributors in the Netherlands, join efforts to help SMEs from the DACH region and the Netherlands to overcome the top IT challenges during the pandemic. Although the IT sector is one of the most stable during the global pandemic crisis, small and medium enterprises need to battle their specific problems – internal and external.

Many IT analysts and thought leaders name the COVID-19 the new Disaster in IT world of 2020. And as you develop your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan in case of natural disasters, you need to have a plan for ensuring your normal business processes and uninterrupted operations during the “new normal”. 

Olga BurnaevaVirtualMetric and CloudLand helping SMEs to solve top IT challenges during the pandemic
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