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10 Benefits Of Virtualization In The Data Center

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Are you looking for ways to improve your data center performance and resource utilization? Consider employing virtualization. Virtualization offers a cost-effective solution to satisfy the growing need for storage capacities and IT support required by most organizations. It is a process that allows you to scale up your physical resources to meet your increasing demands. 

You can virtualize physical servers, networking, storage, and other infrastructure components to enhance your data center operations. It dramatically reduces your costs on hardware investments and maintenance. Most modern data centers are fully virtualized and have automated functionalities to ensure consistent service delivery and performance. 

If you are still unsure whether virtualization is worth the effort, please do read on to know some of the crucial benefits it can do for your organization. 

Reduces Cost On Acquiring New Hardware

As your company grows, you will have to scale up your services and need expensive new hardware to store a large amount of data and information. The addition of new servers and hardware will be an added burden, which will add up your capital investment costs. 

Reduces Cost On Acquiring New HardwareVirtualization helps avoid this extra cost by providing a flexible and efficient way to scale up your storage capacities and operations by moving to cloud storage and efficient use of existing hardware. You can also save up costs on auxiliary expenses like hardware maintenance, compensating for downtimes, electricity charges, and more. 

Better Backup

Opting for virtualization helps you secure your data centers and isolate the different systems logically so that when one of your methods gets affected by a cyber-attack, your other data remains protected. Having on-premise physical servers located in a single location can also be risky in case of an accident or security incident, leading to total data loss. 

Virtualization allows you to manage all these risks by providing easy data backups that can be scheduled and automated. Even if one of your hardware gets damaged, you can still be assured that your data remains protected in the cloud. 

Efficient Use Of Cooling System

Data centers can be a hot environment as the more hardware you use, the sooner the room’s temperature rises. Hence, a proper cooling system is required to ensure the machines are kept in optimal room temperature and have a good, lasting life. 

Cooling SystemCooling systems are necessary, but again another expensive investment that will keep running high the more new hardware you add to your data centers. Virtualization helps you reduce the amount of hardware you use in your data centers, reducing the number of coolers you need to install. Thus helping you not just save money but also free up some space. 

Faster Replacement

When you are dependent on a physical server to take care of all your operations, you might end up experiencing prolonged downtimes when that physical server is under maintenance or an attack. Virtualization allows for easy migration of data and job switching within a few minutes to ensure you don’t suffer severe downtimes during such times. 

Otherwise, by the time you manually migrate your data to your backups server, you would already be experiencing a long duration of downtime that could affect your reputation and economy. 

Physical server replacementFlexible Scaling

Virtualization is designed for better scaling. Once you buy physical hardware, it becomes a long term investment and a permanent fixture whether you use it to the fullest or not. Virtualization allows for better scaling up or scaling down, allowing you to allocate your budget wisely and implement new improvements without requiring bigger investments. 

Better Testing

Virtualization allows better monitoring and error reporting, which can be a great help when testing your entire infrastructure for errors and performance issues. You can easily capture snapshots of a virtualization system and revert to it when a fatal error occurs. 

You can also deploy test environments in isolation from production environments and conduct efficient end-to-end testing without having to disrupt your existing services. 

Flexibility To Choose From Different Vendors

Most virtualization solutions are offered on a subscription basis under strict SLA agreements that allow you to ensure performance and efficiency. And you get a lot of choices to choose from depending on the subscription price, required network demands, storage capacities, and more. And the best part is virtual machines can be run on any hardware, making it easy for you to migrate from one vendor to another without any glitch or service disruptions. 

SLA agreementsYou won’t get tied into one particular platform, vendor, or server and can choose to go with the latest tech whenever you want, depending on your specific needs. 

Faster Redeployment

Getting back up from severe disasters can be difficult when you are solely dependent on physical servers. Disaster recovery becomes much easier with virtualization solutions as you can get easy access to your previous snapshots and backed up data, and readily migrate it to a new server. 

With network addressing schemes, you can move the virtual machine to an entirely new data center with little implications on your overall operations. Redeployment with virtual servers can be done within a few minutes. 

Better Server Operations

With virtualization, you can efficiently separate servers for a single purpose like email server, database server, web server, and so on. This helps you increase the reliability of your server operations and manage the incoming traffic more efficiently. This also helps save costs required to purchase physical servers separately for each of the tasks. 

Server OperationsEasy Migration To Cloud

As mentioned earlier, virtualization helps for easier import and exporting of data and virtual machines to and from a cloud environment. It offers a practical way to get ready before opting for a full-fledged cloud-based IT infrastructure for your business. 

So, are you convinced about virtualizing your data center? VirtualMetric has got your back. Equipped with the best features and top-notch customer support, VirtualMetric ticks all the right boxes. Contact us today to learn more. 

Olga Burnaeva10 Benefits Of Virtualization In The Data Center

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