Our story

VirtualMetric is a provider of all-in-one IT monitoring and management solutions for enterprises, telcos, banks and companies managing their infrastructure or providing IaaS solutions. Our monitoring suite gives companies an in-depth insight into their infrastructure and virtualization environment, thus enabling them to guarantee the performance, uptime, and efficiency of their environment.

We develop a constantly evolving monitoring solution to make your job better and to help you guarantee the infrastructure reliability.

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Our Values

We develop a state of the art all-in-one monitoring solution, which is easy to use, simple and powerful.

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Cutting-edge technology

Latest and most powerful technologies implemented on VirtualMetric’s backend to create an outstanding solution.

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We are different

We do care for your needs and requirements. So we are open for your feature requests and suggestions.

A product designed by engineers for engineers

We know your daily challenges and we have built a monitoring software to exceed your expectations. The secret behind VirtualMetrics’ power and great infrastructure is that it is made by engineers just like you. Get the best enterprise monitoring suite for your company and enjoy its reliable, intelligent interface through its easy to use dashboard.



Servers monitored


Virtual-machines monitored

50 Billion

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