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Webinar: Network Monitoring and Enhanced Dashboard

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In June, VirtualMetric will present the latest features to facilitate your infrastructure management during a 45-minutes exclusive webinar. Our team has made significant improvements to enhance your monitoring dashboard for better visibility. We also created a recursive alarming system to help you increase your infrastructure reliability. And many more improvements…

VirtualMetric’s team understands that managing a large infrastructure and keeping it healthy remotely in times of global pandemic and lockdown may be a hard task. For this reason, we have collected tips and tricks on how to make your work easier and efficient. As a customer-centric product and company, we put our customers’ expectations and needs at the core of our roadmap for product development. VirtualMetric’s monitoring suite is a rapidly developed product, which strives for excellence. We constantly launch new features and functionalities, which can be of help to our customers. Now we are inviting you to join an upcoming webinar and discover all new features, capabilities, improved dashboards and functionalities.

Join the webinar on June 18th, 2020 and:

  • Discover VirtualMetric’s new modules – Log Analyzer and Network Monitoring.
  • Learn how to set up correctly monitoring software, so that you can save time and efforts and guarantee the health of your IT environment.
  • Find out which the most useful reports are and how to take fast data-driven decisions. 

Date: June 18th

Time: 4PM CET (check your time zone)

Where: Zoom – Click to register

What is new in Network Monitoring?

VirtualMetric’s Network Performance Monitoring supports multi-vendor monitoring and tracks the key aspects of your network equipment – ports, VLANs, port utilization, connectivity saturation, and more. With its advanced Heatmap, you can see immediately which devices may be problematic and which are running smoothly. Smart Alerts will make the work of all network administrators much easier and will help you to prevent outages or vulnerabilities.

Join the webinar and dive deep in the Network monitoring capabilities, which will ensure your network devices’ health.

What is new in Log Tracking and Analysis?

VirtualMetric Log Analyzer is one of the advanced features you must have to monitor your entire IT environment. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to analyze logs, understand the source of the problem or interruption, performance, or infrastructure problems. Or just help you to find easily the cause for unusual system behavior. With VirtualMetric Log Analyzer, you can correlate fast data and events. Log analysis and log tracking is the key to find a misconfiguration, unwanted changes, unauthorized login attempts, or poor system performance.

Need help to set up reports for ultimate log analysis? Join the webinar and we will show you how to build them!

Speaker: Yusuf Ozturk, Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of VirtualMetric

Yusuf Ozturk is the co-founder and leading power if VirtualMetric. He has extensive experience in building and managing cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. During his career he has been part of the Microsoft team, working in leading cloud and hosting providers.

vmetricBlogWebinar: Network Monitoring and Enhanced Dashboard

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