Today's IT world is changing extremely rapidly in terms of technologies used, hardware and software lifecycle management, trends and hypes.

All companies within the industry strive to keep pace with these changes – ensure their software is using up to date technologies and finding the best talent experienced with modern technologies. You need to adapt pretty fast so that you can survive.

When a company creates a new software product and develops a new solution, everything changes in a short time. There are new programming languages, new frameworks and new technologies coming to the market. One of the challenges that organizations face is the fast technology shifts, new skills needed, new experienced staff, etc.

In the upcoming VirtualMetric webinar, we will discuss how to survive in the ever-changing IT world. Learn how to:

• Frameworks, programming languages, trends, infrastructure, platforms, serverless etc.
• Does the technology help us fix existing shortcomings or issues in a maintainable way
• Reality check: as IT is fashion-driven, should you follow each trend?
• What is the expected life span within which we have to achieve a decent ROI so we can move on without losses but with profits to invest when offering IT services.
• Should you go the innovations path, or follow industry standards? Why it is not always good to be innovative.
• Don't let technology choices, frameworks, and tooling be chosen by random consultant or vendor you replace in short-term
• Natural growth vs. acquisitions. More tech, more challenges. Is it worth it?

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Meet the Speakers

Didier van Hoye

Didier van Hoye

Domain Expert ICT at Information Flanders

He is an IT veteran with over 20 years of experience and accumulated hands-on expertise in ICT. He specializes in mainly Microsoft technologies (storage, virtualization, networking, cloud) to design and build highly available, high-performance solutions that scale both efficiently and effectively without breaking the budget. He works mainly as a subject matter expert advisor and infrastructure architect in on-premises & Hybrid / Public Azure environments, wokinh on IaC and often leveraging DELL EMC hardware to deliver exceptional value for the money. In his designs he always pays attention to longevity, maintainability and upgradeability to help with preventing tech debt.
Ysuf Ozturk

Yusuf Ozturk

Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect, VirtualMetric

Yusuf has started his career in IT 15 years ago. He has hands-on experience in system engineering. During his career, he gained a deep knowledge of Web Servers, Virtualization, Microsoft Exchange, PowerShell, and Cloud Infrastructure. Yusuf has been awarded multiple times as an MVP. Now he is building monitoring and reporting for Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft IIS, and SQL Server.